Strategies To Win Real Money In Online Lottery Gambling


Lottery gambling is the age-old gambling that has become popular with the advancements in technology. Technology has made lottery gambling more interesting and fun. There are a lot of people who play the lottery online and have won humongous prize money and there are a lot of people who are waiting for their chance. The advanced players know the rules and regulations but only see less money from the game. If you are an ardent fan of online lottery gambling you would have heard of Richard Lustig. He is a world-known lottery player who has won tremendous prize money on his lottery journey. He has won seven times and his prize money value exceeds more than one million. The lottery legend has mentioned a lot of strategies for pro players to see real money. By following these strategies you can also gain impressive jackpots.

Know your chance

Knowing the chances of a lottery is simple math. You must know the odds of winning before jumping into the game. The odds of winning a lottery are one in several million. Usually in an online lottery game, one has to choose a set 4-12 numbers from a predetermined pool of numbers from 1- 50 or 60. When the number you choose matches with the drawn number you win the jackpot. The reward becomes higher as more set numbers match with the draw number. In lotto, the chances of winning are 1 in 14 million. Though the chances are slim, applying proper strategy can take that chance of yours.

Buy a lot of tickets

Buying many tickets increases your ticket. The more tickets you buy the higher is your chance to win the online lottery. For example, let’s take the lotto game mentioned above. Buying two tickets makes your chance of winning one in half a million. If you buy four tickets your chance of winning increases by twice. This brings success closer to you. Buy tickets from trusted online lottery websites on which you can check the results. Results HK, is a page on which you can check your lottery results.

Form lottery pools

If you don’t want to buy more money but want to get many tickets, pool your money with friends and buy tickets from lottery pools. The amount spent is less but the chances of winning are high and the money amount can also be enormous. You can buy 50 tickets and the winning chances just doubled. In such cases, the jackpot money will be high. You can check your results for all the tickets at the same time on a page like a result Hk.

Don’t choose consecutive numbers

The chances of consecutive numbers being a part of the winning combination are very rare. The numbers like 2, 3, and 4 usually don’t form part of the winning combination. The best strategy while choosing the numbers is to spread and choose from the group. It should have an equal number of higher and lower digits.

Don’t choose your birthday

The birthday dates are only between 1- 31. So when are choosing numbers based on birthdays you are leaving out the remaining numbers which reduces the chances of winning. Following these tips will surely help you see massive prize money.