Tips to buy curtains:


When it comes to decorating your house, curtains are an important part of this procedure. No matter how big or small the house is; and no matter how you are going to decorate it-curtains will be there. These are not just a decorative addition but also play a functional role in the house. So it is quite essential to select curtains with a lot of care – its fabric, design and compatibility to your windows and house interior. Wrong choice can change decoration to disaster also. Here are few tips that can be useful in buying a beautiful curtain for you house

Color and Fabric:

The first and foremost thing is selecting the right fabric and color for your curtains. Fabric of curtain decides the durability and functional features.  If the fabric is too heavy, then they might not fold well and if they are light; there fall will not look good. For best selection go for a big sample for like two yards minimum, you can’t get a good idea on smaller pieces – because it is most possible that drapes are not clearly shown in smaller pieces.

One more thing is keep in mind for which room or purpose you are buying the curtain. Is it for some formal room or casual like bedroom or living room, needs are different for each room.  Sunlight will fade the color of fabric overtime, so while making decisions avoid buying fabric with dark colors as their color might fade faster as compared to others.

Length and lines:

Measurement is of course part of buying curtains, but wait first decide how high above the window you want that curtain to begin with. High curtains give a room a feeling of place with high roofs. The common practice is that curtains are hung six inch above the window; but sometimes to give your room a dramatic look a higher paneled curtain looks good. While measuring start from the top from where the curtain will start and to the floor. Traditionally curtains were puddle on floor; so if you are going to give your room a traditional look goes for a puddle length. And if it’s about a modern look then have a panel fall curtains that just touch the floor.

While taking measures for width make sure to add at least 8 inches on both sides to add more fullness in it; but make sure it will not come in way when opening or closing the windows. If you are looking for a darker room and block out creeping lights these extra inches will help a lot.

Trend and needs:

Going for a trendy look in curtains gives your room a new modern look.  But don’t forget what you need. If you want a curtain to block winter chills enter your house than it’s better to select a heavy fabric design that goes along the trend. And if it is about formal rooms then installing traditional style curtains will work the best.