Top 10 Myths About Love Dolls


The most commonly made about YL doll is that Women should not use a sex doll. Sex is treated as a taboo in many countries and is, therefore, looked down upon. But it is very is essential for the mental peace and physical wellness of a person.

  1. Relaxation

Women also go through rough times and require good relaxation which can be provided only by a sex doll. YL dolls are believed to widen the vagina of women, but it is not fully true. The expansion stays for some time and then it gets back to its own shape and size.

  1. Male sex dolls are rare

Many people are of the opinion that athletic sex dolls are rare. However, this is not true and one can find an athletic sex dolls in any online sex doll Store. Women are in need of the dick that will provide some fun and relief to their vagina. This is why the company has come up with such a doll.

  1. Replace real-life partner

Another myth is that a sex doll can replace real-life partners. There has been an instance where a sex doll has played a great role in improving the relationship and the providing of adventurous and amazing sexual life to the newlywed couple. It is not easy to break a relationship if trust and loyalty is a part of it. Human beings can never be replaced by a non-living toy because they do not have any emotions. The value of a real human can never be degraded even with a huge ass or a large boob.

  1. The main cause of divorce

Many orthodox people hold the belief that the athletic sex dolls are the main reason behind the divorce. This is true to some extent as there have been cases where the husband is too engrossed with a sex doll and does not want to spend any time with their wife. This has affected relationships badly which had even led to divorce. But, it is still a myth cause those relationships were never strong and were destined to end.

  1. Give the same experience when one has sex with a real man

Sex dolls feel exactly what it would feel to have sex with a real man or woman. One needs to understand that a real woman can never be replaced by a sex toy neither can be the feelings. When one has sex with a real woman, the feeling is very special as they can moan and say naughty things that excite the man. This excitement cannot be gathered when a person is having sex with a sex doll.

  1. Too costly

They are thought to be very expensive and out of reach for the ordinary men. It was true when the market first came up with the vampire doll but as time passed it became quite budget-friendly. Vampire dolls can be found within the budget of each and every individual. One needs to do some research work so that they can get hold of the perfect vampire doll according to their choice and preference.

  1. Affect sex life with a real person

One cannot have sex with a living person after having sex with a sex doll is the worst myth that one can come across. In fact, it is very well popular that if one is able to identify their sexual needs with the help of a perfect sex doll; they will have a better sexual life.

  1. Sexually shy people use them

Used by people who are shy to have sex with a real person is another myth that is doing rounds in the market. There are people who would like it to have sex with a real woman and are willing to take that first step but are unable to because of some reason. These men can never be really called shy. There are men who are very active in their sexual life but are still having sex with Vampire dolls. These people have their own reasons and it would be wrong to assume that they are having sex with a sex doll because they are shy.

  1. Only for single men and women

Many people know that sex is really important for a healthy lifestyle. A married couple Can have sex whenever they want. But it is not so for single men and women in the world. This has given birth to the myth that Single men or women are the ones to use them. Research has proved this myth to be false. There have been cases where sex dolls have been used by married couples as well.

  1. Reduction of sperm count

Many people believe that when men have sex with a sex dolls it affects their sperm count. These have a great effect when the man has entered the sacrilegious ceremony of marriage and both the man and the woman and they are trying to have a child. This might be true to some extent but not fully. If one is able to get hold of a good quality YL doll it might not affect their form found or their sexual life.