Types of home health care services


After a certain age, home health care services become essential for old-adults. These services don’t only ensure better healthcare but also help the seniors to live independently by assisting them in their everyday chores. But when it comes to the type of home health care, let us tell you that the range of services varies. There are different types of ‘health care services at home‘, that one can avail as per the needs and requirements. 

Here we have listed down the different types of healthcare services, including the patient care services, and few significant other such services. Just scroll down and have a look. Towards the end, we will also help you to find a reliable healthcare service provider. 

  • Patient Care

Patient care services simply refer to the caring of a person who has been through surgery or suffering from any chronic illness. These services include complete management and treatment of the patient by healthcare professionals.

  1. Doctor Care

Doctor care is another important part of home health care service where the elderly don’t have to rush from here and there, for doctor’s appointments. Rather, in such types of services, the doctor comes to their doorstep for regular check-ups and medication. 

  • Nursing Care

This is the most common type of home health care where one can hire a professional nurse in consultation with the doctor. The nurse looks after the elderly and manages their medication, and fulfils other health care requirements. They also help seniors in physical and mental exercise to keep them healthy. 

  • Social Services

Unlike the above three services, social services are not necessarily for a patient or person having some bodily discomfort, but for people or elders who live alone. Social services help seniors to get rid of constant loneliness. As a part of social services, the professionals arrange different sessions to make the seniors feel loved, surrounded, and cared for. 

  • Companionship

This is the most crucial type of home health care service for single elders. It provides them companionship while they’re home alone. With the help of this service, elders don’t feel alone and get a partner to share their feelings. It helps them to not bottle up their feelings and share them with the hired companion.

  • Nutritional Care

Here comes another important health care service for the elderly, i.e nutritional care. As people grow, their immune system gets weaker and they become more vulnerable to illnesses. Therefore, it is important for ageing people to get the right amount of nutrition so that their bodies can fight against harmful diseases. 

  • Assistance Care

Assistance care provides complete help and assistance to the senior in performing daily activities such as toileting, grooming, dressing, and so on. Given the growing age and weak bones, old-adults find it challenging to perform daily activities. Hence assistance care is one of the most in-demand health care services among the elderly. 

  • Mobility & Transportation

Mobility and transportation include taking elders out all their important works in absence of the family. The mobility and transportation services include taking elders to religious places, visiting their relatives, or where they want to go.

Although the list of home-healthcare services is endless, these were the important ones. By hiring such services, working professionals can ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle for their loving elders.  

The Bottom Line

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