Types of Rope Access Solutions and Services


The rope access method is one of the modern cost-effective and safest approaches to work at heights, such as construction, and repairs of tall buildings. The technicians working at such heights are experienced, skilled, and certified. They can carry out work at heights quickly and efficiently without equipping heavy plants like cranes and scaffolding. Now, let’s look into the varieties of rope access solutions and services you can receive from a rope access technician.

Maintenance and Inspection of Buildings

Building maintenance is essential for the security of the tenants and their assets. Likewise, time-to-time maintenance of buildings prevents the high renovation cost. It keeps the aesthetic beauty of the building and the atmosphere inside the building also remains clean and healthy to reside or work.

Rope access methods provide close inspection of the buildings. The tall buildings may not be accessible or easy to inspect using other conventional methods like scaffolding. But, it’s not the same case with rope access solutions. This method not only inspects the materials and structure of the buildings but also aesthetic features and reaches every part. This ensures security and prevents larger problems that may appear in the future.

External Facade Cleaning

The clean external facade makes the building appealing. However, it’s very challenging and dangerous to clean the facade. Yet, with the help of external facade cleaning Singapore which is a one-stop service provider you can clean and maintain the appearance of high buildings. They employ skilled, and experienced technicians to accomplish the task at an affordable price.

Building Repairing

There may be cracks, leakage, or openings in your buildings that need to be fixed. If such issues are not fixed on time, the leakage and cracks may lead to the entry of water and make particular structures moist. This may cause mold and fungus growth which is not favorable at any workplace or residence. Therefore, you can simply tackle these issues with the sealant services from rope access solutions.

Structure System Installation

The structure system plays a crucial role to support tall buildings, particularly when you wish to add up space or increase the floor at your buildings. So, you can’t compromise for any non-professionals to do this task. The competent workers plan the strategy and use rope access equipment to build the robust foundation of the building.

Pipeline Installation

The pipeline system in a building should be constructed firmly and maintained frequently for effective drainage and water supply of the building. The proper monitoring of this system prevents the leakages, and collection of dirt and debris in the pipeline. Moreover, your pipeline system becomes durable and functional for long period.