What Role Does Architect Play In A Construction Project?


An architect is a person who works out the basic layout in any construction project and there are various stages that need to be carried out before the real construction work starts. The role of an architect is divided into three stages namely:

  • Before construction

♤ Preliminary design

♤ Design development

♤ Planning approval

♤ Tender and drawing of constructio

  • During construction

♤ Construction

♤ Construction completion

  • After construction

♤ Defects liability period

In all these stages the architect has to:

  • Issue construction design and drawing
  • Inspect the work
  • Make changes to construction layout if needed

An architect is basically responsible for planning, designing, and overseeing the construction works for buildings. They also have to do concept meetings where they can explain their concepts to the clients and the builders alike. In a concept meeting, the architects discuss the building’s design, lifestyle, priorities, requirements, and most importantly, budget.

In the preliminary design stage, the architect shows the sketches and bubble diagrams to the clients. Presentation drawings also play a crucial role in this respect.

In the design development stage, the sketches are made into proper drawings and they are further refined in terms of methods and details with regard to dimensions. The final number of units and spaces are also specified.

The design drawings include:

  • Access to the building and ways to linkage
  • Material types that can be used
  • Facilities provided and car parking space
  • Flow of traffic

In the planning approval stage, the architect provides the drawings needed by different professionals involved in the project. This stage also features the size, quantity, and materials including the locations. The drawings are numbered and kept in a proper sequence. The components of the drawings include- site plan, floor plan, sections, elevations, and various component details.

Under the tender and construction drawing section, the architect prepares the tender drawings that have to be given to the quantity surveyor. This is followed by the construction drawings, tender evaluation, tender interview, and letter of the award that’s given to the contractor.

Finally, in the construction stage, the architect has to provide a detailed drawing of construction along with the specifications of the construction project. Once these specifications are completed, the documents are to be given to a contractor. In this way, the entire architecture is prepared by an architect.

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