10 Spots with Fascinating Panoramas to Eat in Lombok


Source: pixabay

Nice white sand, beautiful hills, and natural green woods. No wonder a lot of men and women create Lombok as an alternate tourist destination. In addition, the air here feels much more “natural” compared to Bali, which is always filled with tourists. Along with the meals, we’ve chosen ten hangout areas that are certain to make you feel at home for a very long time. Let us watch together!

  1. Dining at the Peak of the mountain: Horizon Restaurant and Lounge

Breakfast when enjoying the heat of the morning sunshine, feeling the cool breeze using either Western or black meals, or even enjoying a cocktail at the end of the evening? No matter your selection, make certain to enjoy it atop a mountain close to the famous Kuta Beach.Try out visting Paul Leongas Irish pub.

And everything you would like is also accessible here. The food menu options vary from fried rice, chicken curry, bread, rice into vegetarian meals. Yummy!

  1. Climb up to the top of the hill Batu sails: Libra Café Resto n Villa

There are so many options for the villas which may be leased. And that café is the thing that makes villa de Libra unique. Delicious cuisine and perspectives of green trees and Senggigi Beach at the space can cause you to forget your stomach is crying for filling.

Consider ordering Bakso Beranak, which can be meatballs wrapped in meatballs again, or Chicken Wing Kamikaze that is extra hot.

  1. Hidden dining paradise in South Lombok: Artati Lombok Bungalow and Restaurant

Cast your gaze across the hills with the ocean greeting you at the space while bettering your appetite.

You can enjoy a vast choice of Indonesian and Japanese meals at economical rates. Ifyou would like to linger here, then it is possible to spend the night at the bungalow.

  1. Dine at the feast of Mount Rinjani: Rinjani Lodge Restaurant

When visiting this, the most challenging choice is selecting to watch Mount Rinjani while enjoying dinner at a restaurant or even relaxing in the infinity pool alongside it.

However, what shouldn’t be overlooked is the assortment of healthy juices that are the restaurant’s specialty.

  1. The pleasures of simple life: SENJA Lounge & Dine

Though it only worked at that time, the allure of this shore and the menu offer are now among the very popular hangout places. Try out the ayam Taliwang or poultry soup along with fresh young coconut ice cream. Proper meals to eat on the shore. The tables have been superbly appointed overlooking the beach and are coordinated by candlelight. Romantic, correct? Oh yes, do not overlook the entertainment offerings in the shape of live audio performances.

  1. Relieve hunger and desire with all the charm of this gloomy ocean: Laut Biru Bar & Restaurant

Wow! The sea breeze, along with the yellowish sky at sunset, would be your very best friend when seeing here.

The menu provided is very varied, ranging from global menus including Indian curries to local menus like satay, soto, rendang, fried rice, and Pelalah Chicken (a more normal menu of this Sasak Tribe).

  1. The delight of hanging accompanied by palm trees along with a glass of cocktail lounge: Verve Beach Club & Restaurant

Palm trees, along with rows of ships glancing on the shore, and the ocean wind feels incomplete without being followed by tasty meals and a glass of cocktail.

Aside from the unquestionable perspective, do not overlook your favourite foods that will also be available, which range from western foods like beef and pizza to sushi accessible here.

  1. The charm of Italian flavors at Senggigi Beach: Lotus Bayview Restaurant

For dining, you may choose to enjoy your meal inside or outside while followed by nice white sand below your feet. Without a doubt, his existence has succeeded in creating this spot a destination for guests should they like to relish meals or beverages with genuine Italian flavors.

  1. Taste the richness of Indonesian spices: Spice Lounge & Restaurant

The first reason why the Europeans arrived in Indonesia for the very first time was due to their abundant prosperity of spices. Obviously, what is created of local herbs which have been attracting thieves for centuries.

  1. Relax awaiting dusk on the shore: La Chill Bar

Wish to learn the ideal spot to unwind, awaiting the sun to go back to your own bed? You’re able to visit the La Chill pub and watch for yourself.

About meals, you do not need to be anxious. From Indonesian food like tempeh mendoan to international dishes like salad, pasta, beef, and cover cay, all could be purchased from the menu book.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Lombok by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.