10 Spots You Need to Visit in Lombok


Source: www.indonesia.travel

Lombok — an island east of Bali, however less renowned than its neighbor while each year millions of tourists have been drawn to Bali, lots of areas around Lombok are still unaffected. More than here, mass tourism remains unknown.

Lombok delivers many vacant and frequently isolated fantasy shores, friendly and fascinating people, yummy food, and excellent character. This season, following a stay of over two months, Lombok and the Gili islands turned into my own favorites — so far.

Within this article, you’ll discover a couple of must-sees around Lombok.

  1. The Gili islands

Three heaven islands — that seem tiny in contrast to Lombok — have been situated just 20 minutes by ship: Gili Trawangan, the most crucial island, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

The Gilis are extremely popular for scuba diving and diving but also for swimming, relaxing, and partying. Backpackers and vacationers see Gili Trawangan frequently. Over here, you may genuinely feel the playful reggae-ganja-magic-mushroom-vibe. Even the Gili islands really are essential!

  1. Mount Rinjani

The 2nd most great volcano of Indonesia is most unquestionably one of the highlights of Lombok! It’s possible to reserve multi-day, directed tours into Crater Lake and also to the very best in any respect.

  1. Senggigi

Most visitors arrive at Senggigi because most resorts are situated over here. In addition, it is perfect for exercising at night or ingesting. Among the hottest surf spots for tourists and locals alike is Senggigi Beach. The sellers and sailors are not amazed at this shore, but you also may have a wonderful little conversation if you enjoy it (mainly about soccer since Indonesians love soccer).

  1. By Senggigi into Pemenang

To research this street beside the shore, it’s ideal to utilize a scooter, which you may rent in Senggigi. Among the highlights is the view at Malimbu Hill 2 and 1. It offers a fabulous view over Malimbu and Nipah Beach along with also the three Gili Islands. Have a look at the other viewpoints and beaches you could find in this manner and they’re worth visiting, too.

  1. Pusuk Monkey Forest

Taking a twisting road through a stunning mountain landscape is your next choice to reach Bangsal. It is where you discover the so-called fighter forest, called after the many wild monkeys from the jungle and close to the road. Feed the hungry and annoying little bastards in the opinion factors if you prefer. But be cautious and search for your luggage, backpacks, and so forth. You may go there by scooter too, but constantly “Hati Hati,” such as the Indonesian states.

  1. Kuta

Following Senggigi, Kuta is most likely the next tourist hotspot on Lombok. It gives beautiful beaches and a great deal of lodging and restaurants. From here, you are able to learn more about the fantasy shores of Mawun, Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak because they’re quite close by (see under). Actually, Kuta Beach itself is well worth a look.

  1. Mawun Beach

I can present to you some of my favorite shores of Lombok. One of them is Mawun. Based upon the weekday and also the timing of the afternoon, this shore with its white sand and turquoise water remains primarily abandoned. At times the waves are somewhat thicker over here. The beach is secluded and situated west of Kuta within a nearly enclosed bay, which you may reach with your own scooter.

  1. Pink Beach

It is not actually an insiders’ tip, but nevertheless worth a trip! The driveway is rather difficult because in my view the roads around the Ekas Peninsula (in which the Pink Beach is situated) can’t be called roads anymore. At least they’re being enhanced bit by little each year. If you truly make it, you’ll be rewarded with a bare calm shore. It’s called after its pink sand which consists of coral. The perspective from the close viewpoint is fantastic as well along with the also worth watching as the waterfalls of Tanjung Ringgit are located nearby.

  1. Mosques and Hindu Temples

Compared to Bali, Lombok and the rest of Indonesia are largely Muslim. That’s the reason you’re able to view and notably listen to mosques everywhere. If you reserve your lodging beforehand, you need to inform yourself whether it is closely situated into your mosque. Notably around Ramadan it might come to be rather noisy.

  1. Waterfalls

Lombok has many waterfalls, largely from the northern region of the island. Amongst others, there could be Tiu Teja, Tiu Kelep or even Sendang Gile. At the middle of Lombok you’ll come across a couple of decent ones too, for instance the Benang Kelambu, Benang Stokel or even Jeruk Manis near Tetebatu. There’s not any fresher water than that! Drink it, either swim or simply allow the ice cold water float off your back — excellent!

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