15 rules for royal family children you might not be knowing about 


    The royal family in the United Kingdom is considered one of the most important royal family in the entire world. It is also one of the royal family which is insanely recognized all over the globe. Queen Elizabeth ii is the current existing ruler of the royal family.

    Queen Elizabeth II Also plays a critical role in the parliament of the UK. She is considered one of the most important and powerful women all over the globe. Now, there are strict laws and codes of conduct made for the members of the royal family.

    Being an integral part of a royal family has its own circumstances, rules and regulations, which is necessary to follow even by the oldest and smallest royal family member. Let us explore 15 rules and regulations that need to be followed by the children in the royal family, which you might not be knowing about.

    • The birthday of the child should be announced publicly

    A child needs to follow up the regulation even before his/her birthday, quite weird! Just after the birth of the child, the exact date and time with the specific gender are displayed to the public right on the gate of Buckingham Palace, announcing the news of the birth of a child in the royal family.

    • Passport is a must even for the kids

    In the royal family, within few days, the kid’s password is being made since the protocol of the royal family says that a child must be ready to travel abroad or any part of the world due to some conditions. Though the children in the royal family step out of the country, rarely they should have a passport well in advance.

    • They are required to attend all the royal engagements

    Strictly every child in the Royal family has to attend royal engagements like christenings or weddings, and many more public occasions like Trooping the Colour, Queen Elizabeth II birthday ceremony and all kinds of family services. They should take part in it to understand the terms of how the royal family works.

    • Children have to join their parents on tours

    In the royal family, there are no such easy rules even for infants. A child has to join their parents in any Royal tour. If his/her parents are going, then the kid must join them. Like, Archie did when her mother and father were going for a royal visit to South Africa.

    • Boys in the royal family are required to wear a short

    Yes, you read it correctly; boys under a specific age in the royal family are required to wear shorts pants as directed by the rules. There is no other option for them. The Queen thinks that maintaining a dress code exhibits the culture of the family. This rule is applicable only for kids under 7.

    • Playing outside is a must and more

    Playing games outside in an open environment for royal kids is a must. This rule is set mainly because for the better growth of the child playing a sport’s is necessary. Thus, a child in a royal family should be encouraged to play outside.