5 Practical Ways to Save Money


No matter how good you earn, your expenses are normally as per your salary is. If you run a family, saving up money can be a hard task. It is not a cup of tea for a normal person with no accountings background to help himself save money for the future.

It is everyone’s dream that when they grow old and reach a certain age period, their old aged should be of ease and peacefulness.

To attain such a lifestyle when they grow old, people often go for insurance plans that benefit them in the long run. However if you follow certain rules in life such as saving money on food, insurance, personal items, transportation and home-it can help save a lot of money.

Here in this article we discuss briefly each point and process about how we can go about five practical ways to save money.

Take a look.

Save Money on Food

Save money on food by cooking in bulk. This will save up the extra ingredients you can waste when cooking a number of times. Also, try to do groceries in bulk to save per item this way.

When we eat out, we normally tend to eat fast food. Doing that makes us bad at health plus the kind of ingredients used in it generate in our body. This takes away our desire to eat at home.

Eventually the desire to eat out keeps increasing and there is no way out unless you put up an effort overall. Money spent on food increases gradually and you are not able to save money.

Save Money on Insurance

Shopping can both save you money and waste it. All depends on how wisely you make your decisions. Sometimes your favorite things can help you save money if only you are intelligent enough.

Many outlets in town offer a number of insurance facilities based on the amount of time you visit them for shopping.

So the way you should choose to do your shopping is- select one favorite outlet. They will surely be offering deals to the number of visits you will make to them. Avail these kinds of insurances that are both interest-free and offer great affordable rates.

Save Money on Transportation

If you are not a fan of modern-day lifestyle, then public transport can really help you save some money as personal transportation does not only require frequent patrol prices but also maintenance services which can be costly in many cases.

Do you really need a personal transport of your own? Well okay, in that case, keep your vehicles clean. Whether it is a car or motorbike, take care of their cleanliness. Change oil when it is the right time to do it. If you will take care of maintenance and do it in time, it will help you save a considerable amount of money. Mostly it is due to our lack of focus over common things that we often tend to have our vehicles damaged in only a bunch of years.

Save Money or Personal Items

An idea such as purchasing a second-hand item may look sarcastic to you but it is what it is. Second-hand items, if looked thoroughly can actually save you some good money.

Also, take care of these items and wash items like clothes with not that rush. It takes away the life of your clothing that would have lasted long. That is not correct.

This may sound like a little thing, but bad practices such as this one in combination with others, collectively damage your ability to save up money.

Save Money on Home

When deciding about making a purchase to a physical home-consider over a few factors such as interest rate the contractor will charge you if you decide to go for a home finance package, goods that you will use to stuff your residence with the necessary furniture, rethink about the property taxes and overall pricings. Also, ask yourself, do you really need an eight room house for just a bunch of family members?

Decide wisely. You may have the money now but not all days are the same. Save up for bad times so you can balance all phases of your life nicely.


Sure insurance plans are helpful but they are third party offers that provide you benefit. However the purpose of this article is to do the kind of things that are in our hands. Follow these points and help yourself save money that you can use for times that are uncertain or events that you cannot think of right now.

Also a home investment is one kind of investment that can serve us well in the long run in terms of filling productivity to our lives so try to keep it nice and clean and invest on it to attain modern look and style.

 Places such as the living room, bathroom, kitchen and garage should have an attractive look.

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We often are so caught up with our needs that we cannot realize that we are unnecessarily wasting a lot of money with our daily routine schedule and if only we reconsider certain things, it can help us save a lot of money.