5 Reasons Exterior Iron Doors in Dallas, TX are a Superior Choice


The demand for exterior iron doors in Dallas, TX amid homeowners has risen substantially in the last decade for a number of reasons. Here are five benefits of insisting on having iron door installations separating your home’s interiors from the outdoor world.

1. Iron Doors Exude Beauty and Prestige

There just seems to be a sense of prestige surrounding homes with wrought iron features like windows, gates and doors. While affording homeowners a bit of privacy, iron entry doors exemplify class with a calming sense of aesthetic beauty. One can choose iron doors in Dallas, TX with clean, classic lines or opt for a more modern or detailed ornamentation.

2. Endless Design Options

Homeowners often view this part of their home as a piece of art, rather than a mere functional implement. Because of the malleability of iron, it makes nearly any vision one has in mind a complete possibility with a custom door. Iron is also rather versatile in design in that it can be any color, texture, size and feature a range of embellishments like sidelights. The options are virtually endless.

3. Let There Be Light

Unlike solid doors or even wood or steel framed doors with glass, there is a surplus of natural light available to flow through a modern wrought iron exterior or entry door. Light gives homes a more airy feel while still fostering a welcoming warmth for guests. Those opting for sidelight features can enjoy greater light both day and night, and will have full view of visitors prior to opening the door.

4. Increase Security in One Step

Because iron is such a strong material, it seems that many would-be home invaders pass homes with wrought iron protection on by in lieu of easier to penetrate targets. Essentially, any type of iron exterior barrier between your home and the outdoors serves as a deterrent. Furthermore, your family will feel safe knowing that these implements are fire-proof and so tough that a battering ram won’t break the material.

5. Durability for the Life of Your Home

Iron doors in Dallas are highly durable, and they require little to no maintenance for the course of their lifetime. Their strength means that there will be no dings and dents due to moderate elements, so homeowners can simply enjoy the additional beauty and security that these doors provide. Universal Iron Doors offers a generous warranty, so buyers can have extra peace of mind concerning their investment.