Maritime Lawyer in New Orleans


Maritime lawyers New Orleans help when you are faced with maritime injuries. Clients from all over the state choose to work with these lawyers because of their experience and professionalism when handling cases associated with maritime injuries.

Who are maritime lawyers, New Orleans

We are located in Houston, Texas where we work with the clients of Jones Acts along the Gulf coast and also countrywide. Through the Jones Act, our team of professional lawyers are able to work with clients who need compensation for injuries sustained while working offshore. We have a reputation of general client satisfaction with how we handle our cases and get compensation for our clients which makes us very reputable in Houston, Lake Charles, Lake Pontchartrain ad beyond. We are committed to the protection of the rights of workers thereby working with unions and their members.

What you need to know about maritime lawyers

Law firms on the maritime field work on contingencies. This is because most cases involving maritime injuries are those of personal injuries liability. Their charges are usually between a third to 40% of your judgement or settlement. The lawyers only charge you if they win the case though, if they lose it then you don’t have to pay them anything.

Incase injury is sustained on the line of duty, you are entitled to get compensation through the Jones Act. There are other federal statutes which protect maritime workers so if an injury is sustained while doing offshore work, you have the right to pursue compensation to cater for maintenance and cure.

Despite the contingency fee being very high, it is worth the cost. Maritime cases can be a bit tricky sometimes, so it is important not to jump into conclusions regarding the case when it is still on. The evidence might be very clear to you, but only a reputable, experienced and capable lawyer can argue the case well to get you a good settlement.

A normal lawyer cannot help in matters of maritime law. Maritime law is a bit different than the normal US legal code. When getting a lawyer to help your case in matters of maritime law, go for a lawyer who is experienced in the field to avoid frustrations. A lawyer who is schooled and knowledgeable in matters of maritime law will be in a position to help argue your case well regardless if your accident happened on a tug boat or a cruiser liner. The particulars of maritime law have their own professionals.

We understand the devastation an injury, minor or major can have on you, your family and also your work which is why maritime lawyer New Orleans offers the best legal services for our clients. We work to build a strong legal case for you to ensure you get the best settlement and compensation for your injury.