5 Things Farmers Need to Know About When Applying for Farm Loans


Owning and maintaining a farm takes more than hard work. Keeping a farm also needs money, and sometimes, a lot of money. Some farmers may have plenty of money stowed away, but some will have just enough to get by but need a little bit more for expansion or for construction. For new farm owners, some may need a little bit more funding to start their farm. Farm loans are common and farm owners avail of them as needed.

Here are 5 things that farmers need to know when applying for farm loans:

  1. Check your finances. Prepare financial documents on the income of the farm. How much is farm earning? How much are the operational expenses? When applying for farm loans, banks or other lenders look into the capacity of the farm to pay back the loan. Getting all documents in order saves time during the application period.
  2. Research what loan you need. There are different kinds of farm loans, and knowing which one you will need will help the application process. If the loan is for expansion or for acquiring new crops/livestock for the farm, there are available loans for these. Identifying which specific loan you need is vital, because some lenders do need to see that the loans are used appropriately.
  3. Check your credit score or credit history. Lenders and banks look into the credit history of the borrowers, so prepare all the necessary documents for showing this information. The amount of money you can loan will depend on your credit score, so if you can get a better score ahead of time, this will increase your chances of getting a substantial loan.
  4. Prepare for the down payment. Banks and lenders often require a certain amount of money as a down payment for the loan. This is often a percentage of the total loan amount, and be ready because it might eat up a portion of the money that you wanted to have. If you have a suitable amount ready for the down payment, this will be a huge help to you financially as you get the loan.
  5. Increase your chances of getting a loan. This can be done by showing how much the farm contributes to your community, or how much of the demand in the market your farm can supply. If you can provide information on how many buyers you have or how many people are looking to you for supply, your chances of securing a loan will be higher, especially since this is also part of your proof of income from the farm.

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