How to use Hunting or Survival Knives in an Emergency?


If you are a person who likes to go camping or hiking, bringing a hunting knife with you is a necessity. More than a tool for slicing and dicing food, a hunting or survival knife can be very useful in case of emergencies. Below are some of the ways to use a hunting or survival knife:

  1. Use It as a Hatchet. A folding knife or fixed-blade knife will not be able to do this neat trick, but a very good hunting knife can split wood on a smaller scale. With a baton technique, wood carving can be accomplished and can fashion throwing sticks or survival bows. With the same baton technique, you can have wood chips for kindling to make a nice fire.
  2. Fashion a Spear. Go beyond a throwing stick and go big with a spear. Some hunting knives were actually designed to fit on a wooden pole for an improvised spear, such as skeleton handles or those with detachable handle scales. A spear can be good not just for defending yourself, but also for hunting animals for food.
  3. Dig a Hole. This is not advisable for smaller knives since soil, sand, and rocks will dull them and render them useless. Larger knives are able to withstand the ground and you can easily dig up a hole in case of an emergency call from nature, or to dig up edible roots, flowers, or tubers. Keep in mind though, that your sharpening supplies are with you in order to better care for the knives immediately.
  4. Use It as a Hammer. Not the sharp edge, of course. The sturdy handle can be used as a hammer for driving in spikes for tents, or for opening shellfish. Depending on the type of material and the shape, the handle can easily be used to break glass, but utmost care must be taken.
  5. Throw It. With enough skill and practice, knife-throwing is important for survival. Whether as a defense mechanism or for hunting small animals, knowing how to throw a knife properly will save a life in more ways than one.
  6. Signal for Help. With enough light, the shiny blade can be reflected and used as a distress signal for other people to see. This needs careful maneuvering in order to reflect the sunlight at the proper angle, but this will surely be helpful especially if the knife is kept polished.

There are many ways to use hunting or survival knives in an emergency, but keep in mind that a good quality knife is essential. A cheap knife will not do much help especially when it gets broken easily, so make sure that you have the best hunting and survival knives.

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