Best Solutions for the Rehab Process


If you have a child or other close relative experiencing drug problems, rest assured. Here are details especially for you to know what a recovery clinic is, how it works and what types of treatments are offered for drug addicts.

What is abstinence and what effects does it have?

Drugs cause several changes in the person’s body, especially when they are used frequently for a long time. In this case, addiction is a reality and both the brain and the body suffer from the lack of the substance, better known as abstinence.

Is addiction a treatable disease?

This is an extremely difficult phase for the drug addict, as the body has created a habit of receiving toxins. When he abstains from them, the symptoms appear: physical discomfort, pain, tremors, anxiety attacks, convulsions, increased blood pressure, among others. Therefore, it is very difficult for the addict to abandon the addiction alone. Abstinence, despite causing malaise, is a necessary step for the patient’s recovery. For this reason, it is essential that he undergoes a detoxification process with medical supervision.

How is the detoxification process done?

Detoxification through alcohol rehab is a form of cleansing that helps to reduce withdrawal symptoms. This procedure contributes to the patient’s physical and psychological rehabilitation, as it removes toxic substances from the body in a safe and controlled manner. In some cases, the user must refrain from using drugs for a few days or follow a special diet to then perform a successful detox.

The procedure can happen in two ways: with hospitalization or on an outpatient basis. The first is recommended for more severe cases, which require full-time follow-up. The second can be performed at the outpatient clinic of a health unit. In this case, the user needs to be aware and agree to the detox procedure.

How to choose a good recovery clinic?

Choosing a clinic should have the same rigor as choosing a hospital for treatment or hospitalization, for example. That is, you will do a search to find out if the place has a good structure and is reliable. Pay a visit to the clinic to assess the location, facilities for all necessary types of medical care, hygiene, staff behavior towards inpatients.

Check if the rehab institution is prepared for emergency interventions, in case the patient has any complications during treatment, such as a cardiac arrest cart, pharmacy with all the necessary medicines, clinical protocols, doctors and nurses trained 24 hours a day. Also, talk with other patients to find out what they think about the clinic, the service, the treatment if they are feeling results.

Ask about the patient’s treatments and routines

Find out what types of treatment are offered to patients, as there are group therapies, medication use, hospitalization, periodic meetings between psychologists and patients, between psychologists and family members. What are the treatment processes, the routine that the patient will have in the recovery clinic? Can everything be closely monitored by family members? Sometimes recovery takes time, but the drug addict needs to feel that he is in a safe and comfortable place for him to leave strengthened. There is a multidisciplinary team in the recovery clinics to promote treatment and follow-up, usually made up of doctors, psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists, among others.