What is CTV advertising?


CTV advertising refers to a marketing solution where ads from brands are displayed on connected TV devices. The connected TV refers to any television set that is used to access the video online. Technology has allowed streaming of video over the internet using an onscreen media platform. Videos can be streamed on TV screens via an app that is readily available on the TV app section. For instance, you can access Netflix, YouTube, among other video streaming apps on the TV app store, and install them on your TV so that you can use them to access video content at any time. For any TV to access the apps and work as a connected TV, it should have internet access. Any TV can be made to access the internet through inbuilt features or connected devices that can then make the TV access the streaming services. In the case of connected advertising, viewers can get content from TV apps. The content can be targeted through the use of data that is available on streaming devices. For example, marketers can target audiences in specific places. 

How to classify a device into a connected TV

A connected TV allows you to access content without the need to connect to your traditional TV channel. You will not have to pay for the satellite subscription fees before accessing content on your screen. You will require internet access and a streaming app on your screen to choose any content you need. You have the freedom to choose the type of content you can watch at any given time. It is unlike a traditional TV program where you will have to follow the set programming schedule. Here are some of the factors that make a given device fall in a connected TV program:

Smart TV

Brands can carry out CTV advertising on smart TVs. When you have a smart TV, you can utilize the inbuilt Wi-Fi feature to access the internet. There is no additional equipment required to start streaming content on a smart TV. You can access sites such as YouTube, among other video sharing sites where you can get content with ads. The internet powers TV streaming services, and it is possible for tracking algorithms to know your location and your most popular searches. They will then recommend to you the most relevant content. It is a move that can lead to a form of advertising because you will get to watch what you like. Common smart TV brands include Samsung, LG, Sony, and Vizio. 

Connected Device/Stick/Dongle

Some TV sets do not have internet access features. You can use OTT devices to make your TV set access to the internet. The boxes work in such a way they will connect to the internet then allow you to connect them directly to your TV to make it internet capable. Some of the devices you can plug into your TV to make it connect to the internet include amazon fire TV stick, Google chrome cast, Roku, and Apple TV. The devices will transform your TV into a smart TV that connects to the internet from where you can access different streaming apps to allow you to enjoy CTV advertising.

Gaming Consoles

Some gaming consoles such as Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation have inbuilt apps that allow streaming video. You can connect the devices to a screen, and you will get video content where ads can be served. The ads will make you learn more about specific brands. It is a form of advertising that can be precisely targeted, unlike traditional TV advertising programs. The game consoles can be applied to get content on your TV set.