Buying & Caring For Daily Contact Lenses In Singapore – Proper Care Tips


It’s not a secret that contact lenses are considered by many as the best alternative to wearing eyeglasses. It’s easy for many to use. However, it warrants proper care to make it last longer, ensuring you have a comfortable pair to wear at any given time. Hence, before you buy daily or a coloured contact lens in Singapore, it’s vital that you become aware and knowledgeable of proper care methods.

Caring For Your Contact Lens

Taking care of your contact lens is never an arduous task. However, it does require a careful and gentle approach to maintain its condition and prevent damaging the lenses. A contact lens can be fragile without proper handling and care. A lens that lacks proper care can put you at risk of experiencing an eye infection, which can affect your sight and sometimes pose dangerous complications.

It’s a must that you clean and disinfect your contact lenses routinely before you wear them and after wearing them. One can find numerous cleaning systems available in the market. However, the choice varies according to your contact lens. So if you are thinking about buying daily contact lenses in Singapore, consider taking the right cleaning solutions you should use.

One way of determining your choice is by asking your eye doctor for recommendations. It will help eliminate the risk of developing serious eye infections along the way. Another thing you should also prioritise is washing your hands with soap and water before putting or touching your contacts. Ensure that you wipe and dry your hands with a clean towel to remove chemical residue to avoid passing them to your contact lens. Otherwise, you might experience an uncomfortable and burning sensation.

Following The Right Care Process

Here are a few other things you should consider when cleaning and caring for your daily contact lenses:

  • Avoid doing anything that will get water in your eyes when wearing contact lenses while showering or swimming. It is often ideal to remove your contacts first (if you can) before taking a swim since water doesn’t mix well with contact lenses.
  • Avoid sleeping while wearing your contact lenses to avoid the risk of corneal infection.
  • Refrain from using homemade saline solution when cleaning your eye contacts. While a contact lens price in Singapore and their cleaning solution can be pricey at times, it’s still best to use what your eye doctor recommends.
  • Throughout the day, you may require using a saline solution to keep moisture in your eye since contacts can dry your eyes. If you are experiencing a burning sensation after using saline, you may consider changing them to prevent eye damage. However, talk to your eye doctor first.
  • Another rule of thumb to store your contact lenses while not using them is to soak them in fresh solution. The solution will help get rid of the protein out of the contact. Otherwise, you might risk damaging your eyes along the way.

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