How to Move Without Stress


Many Canadians often relocate to the USA for a better living. Relocating is a daunting task, especially when it is cross border. You not only have to manage packing and looking for a house in the new country, but you also must arrange proper documents for a hassle-free move. Most individuals hire movers, so they won’t have to lift a finger when they are moving.

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Still, the tension is always there even when you’re moving to the same city. Thus, to make it a stress-free move, you can follow these useful tips –

Organize Your Calendar

Don’t make any other appointments on the day of your move. The process can always take longer than you anticipate, so don’t try to cram in a quick lunch with a friend or a meeting in the evening, or any other breaks.

Clean before Movers Enter

You cannot pack properly unless you already have all the stuff you intend to bring with you to your new residence. Starting at least a month before the actual move, classify everything like “sell,” “donate,” “give away,” and “recycle” as you go. Let the rest of the items be packed.

Start Packing a Month Before

Continue completing one box every day or a certain number of days. Naturally, start with the items you won’t need between now and the transfer, such as the previous season’s bedding or rarely used room appliances. You can also label the boxes so that if you need any of the items suddenly, you will know where to begin.

Arrange What You Can’t Move

Removal companies won’t transport certain items. These represent items like hazardous substances, soil-filled plants, paint cans, or chemicals. Don’t feel that anything should go to waste because paint pots are frequently donated to charities. If you can’t stand to leave your plants behind, remove most of the dirt, wrap the plant in the pot with plastic so it won’t move, and drive it with you.


Passports, property deeds, wills, and insurance papers should all be kept together in one box or file to provide easy access. This might then be put somewhere safe where you won’t lose them. It would also be a good idea to create digital copies of important documents by scanning and saving them to a USB drive or your mail so that you always have access to them.

Keep Few Things Handy on Moving Day

Make sure you have everything you’ll need for moving day packed before the big day. This will include everything you and your family will need to go through the day (and the first night), including toiletries, phone chargers, water bottles, snacks, and supplies for hot drinks. It’s critical that you have quick access to the materials you’ll need to stay nourished and hydrated throughout this busy day and that you have everything you need so you can get into bed right away after it’s over.

If you plan, you can keep D-day less stressful. Though you can’t do much about the way movers handle things, at least you will have important things taken care of.