Buying wedding rings: the symbol of love should be chosen carefully


For almost every wedding couple, changing the ring at the ceremony and wearing the jewelry for life is part of the wedding and marriage. The Wedding Rings are a symbol of infinite love (the round shape of the rings), loyalty and durability. Since the wedding rings accompany the couple for a lifetime, special priority should be given to a design that will still appeal to you after many years, as well as a very good quality of material and workmanship, as these pieces of jewelry are exposed to wear and tear over time. Therefore, certain aspects must be taken into account when making the selection.

The choice of the wedding ring is entirely the responsibility of the men, but when choosing the wedding rings, the future newlyweds must prove together that they are a well-coordinated team and can agree. It is possible, but extremely unlikely. Choose wedding rings within 10 minutes and the first one that will catch your eye. That is why we have these tips for you, with which your wedding rings will be easier to choose.

Measure twice, cut once.

Set aside enough time, at least a quarter of a year, and reserve at least an hour to choose wedding rings. Try to avoid buying rings only over the internet and try real rings in a stone shop.

Decide which material to bet on.

14 carat gold is an ideal choice due to its durability and long-lasting luster. You can choose from white, yellow and red gold or a combination of both. You can also choose palladium or platinum rings.

Don’t be tempted to extravagance.

You will wear the wedding ring on the ring finger for the rest of your life, so choose one that you can identify with. It is not necessary to have a square wedding ring just because it is currently in, even if you do not like it at all.

Focus on practicality.

Putting off the ring because it is a nuisance in sports, work and housework will become poisoning over time. Therefore, choose a wedding ring that will not limit you in your daily activities.

With or without stones

Decorating with zircons or diamonds is not just a matter of ring. When decorating wedding rings, there are no limits to the imagination, for example, stones set in a thin line are often used.

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Feel free to have different wedding rings

It is no exception that a man has a cleaner ring in design than a woman, who often complements it with stone decoration. But wedding rings should always match and it should be recognized that they form a couple as well as their wearers.

Think practical

You wear your wedding rings during all waking hours of the day, and therefore it must be both beautiful for a party and practical at your respective workplace. It is super annoying to buy a set of rings that one of you has to take off all the time to either protect it or because it is annoying in everyday life. Then do yourself the favor of choosing rings according to your lifestyle and future dreams for the future. In practical terms, you should consider how your life takes shape in everyday a lot of sports or play a musical instrument, is a good idea, while a simple, solid ring without precious stones and carvings are suitable for those of you who work a lot with your hands. Just as you have different needs to meet, rings also have different needs for care and maintenance, so find the right match for a ring where both your and the ring’s needs go hand in hand.

Check out the current designs

The design is also important to consider carefully, as you must also like your rings in 20 years. The rings must follow your long marriage and the experiences you may have together at work, at parties, on holidays, etc., so choose a ring that you can see yourself wearing for many years.

The profile of the wedding ring also influences the feeling of wearing the ring. Do you know all the profiles of wedding rings? It depends on your taste again. Most often, the couple chooses the profile that is second from the left in the picture, i.e. a semicircular profile.

Width of wedding rings: try it for yourself

In general, the width of the wedding ring depends mainly on the size of your fingers. For slender fine fingers, rings with a narrower profile are suitable, and for larger fingers, rings with a wider profile are suitable. You need to know experience which profile is ideal for you from the comfort of your home. Print and cut out these ring width test strips.

The surface of wedding rings

When choosing the surface of the wedding ring, it depends on your taste. Most wedding rings are made with a shiny surface. See what other surfaces of wedding rings you can choose from.

Carefully choose the materials of wedding rings

Material is very important when choosing. Again, the decision is up to you. It also depends on the financial possibilities. However, gold is really a guarantee that your wedding rings will serve you for a lifetime. In the e-shop of the manufacturer, you can buy a pair of gold wedding rings for as little as $5,548. Consider for yourself whether it pays to invest in cheaper materials. In addition, resellers in the pursuit of greater profit may supply a ring made of a different material than they declare.

A wedding ring set or all gold?

For people who appreciate simplicity, a beautiful polished wedding ring with an engraving inside will be ideal. For a more feminine touch on the bride’s ring, you can set your ring with stones: then pay attention to the quality of the stones, their meaning, to choose a wedding ring that corresponds to your desires and your lifestyle. It is also less and less rare to see a man’s wedding ring set with diamonds. With just one or two stones or black diamonds, it adds a touch of modernity and originality. Can’t make up your mind? Micro-herringbone allows you to create patterns that give shine to your wedding ring, without even having a stone, to find for example on our cut-down wedding ring model!