Children Safety: 5 Crucial Safety Tips When Dealing With Preschool Furniture in Singapore


When purchasing preschool furniture in Singapore for your toddlers, the first thing you may consider is whether or not it is fun, colourful, and trendy, or if it matches the classroom’s colour scheme. Even if aesthetics are a factor in your decision, it’s in your kids’ best interest to have safety be a top priority when shopping for furniture. There are safety concerns with everyday items.

Consider the following safety guidelines when purchasing children’s furniture.

1. Cover Sharp Edges

Recognise that if your preschool furniture in Singapore has sharp corners, it is unsafe— given that children constantly run around the classroom. Therefore, you should not purchase sharp-edged furniture for children. For your child’s safety, you should not buy any furniture that could cause serious harm until they are teenagers.

2. Consider Non-Slip Options

Checking is essential. You may be attracted to attractive, brightly coloured preschool chairs with a nice appearance; however, if furniture slips when used, it is unsafe for your children. Remember that easily movable and pushable tables are unsuitable for serving hot beverages or food. Also, do not place your child on rapidly moving furniture.

3. Made With Good Materials

One should remember that glass tables in your classroom are not advisable, as they pose a risk of injury to your students due to their inability to cope. And one must not have any potentially hazardous, fragile, or breakable playground equipment from Singapore in your children’s play area. In addition, metal chairs and tables pose a security risk. Consider purchasing furniture made of polished, durable wood or plastic.

4. Avoid Toxic Paint

It is unquestionably true of paint finishes, which are the default for all types of furniture, including classroom furniture for children. Any parent who has witnessed the agony of a child teething is well aware of a child’s tendency to bite the corners of their high chair or table. With this, it is safer to purchase preschool furniture in Singapore with little to no toxic paint.

5. Choose Wider and Lower Desks

Buy low-storage furniture with a base to keep your kids from tipping over while reaching into drawers or desks. In addition, you can anchor your children’s furniture, such as drawers, wardrobes, cabinets, and preschool chairs, to the wall to prevent your child from pulling them down. Additionally, if you have very young children, install safety locks on the lower drawers.

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