5 Roles of a Cinematographer from Top Production Houses in Singapore

Cinematography is the art of photographing and visually telling a story in a film or television broadcast. It is imperative to implement cinematography for films in Singapore and overseas. Cinematographers are in charge of the appearance, colour, lighting, and framing of every shot in this sense. The following are the six responsibilities of a cinematographer.

#1 Selecting the Visual Style

Cinematographers determine the visual style and approach of film production. They provide the soul for every commercial and corporate video production in Singapore or overseas. Cinematography is what gives life to video productions.

#2 Specifies Camera Setup

A cinematographer chooses which cameras, lenses, camera angles, and procedures will best bring the picture to life. They also collaborate with the script supervisor and location manager to determine the best view angles for the camera.

#3 Evaluates Potential Locations

Adept cinematographers from top production houses in Singapore and overseas understand what images thrill filmmakers. They can advise on which shots to shoot for a better picture. Cinematographers will ensure to execute and translate the vision of the director accurately.

#4 Determines Lighting

They must understand how to improve an image’s depth, contrast, and contour to complement the atmosphere. Cinematographers employ lighting to generate the visual ambience that the director desires.

#5 Transcends the Vision of the Director

A clever cinematographer from an expert TVC production house in Singapore will provide ideas and thoughts that the director may not have considered. They will offer more ideas for better execution. Are you looking to collaborate with one of the top production houses in Singapore for a project? Come to Zoetrope. The firm is a highly-regarded TVC production and animation company in Singapore. Zeetrope offers a competent and reliable video production workforce and drone videography to all its clients. For all of your corporate video production workforce needs, contact Zeetrope TVC.