Coffee Doesn’t Affect Sleep: New Study Finds. 


    We’ve all wanted a cup of coffee after a long day, or to help keep us awake to study or work. Usually, we tend to dismiss the idea of that last cup because we think that it’ll keep us tossing and turning all night long, not letting us get any sleep. However a new study has found that it doesn’t affect our sleep at all.

    We’ve always been afraid of that last cup of coffee, as coffee helps keep us alert by increasing how much our body creates adrenaline. This has always been a big problem, as 90% of the US drinks coffee on a daily basis, and half the population is sleep deprived. However, this following study shows that it’s a myth, which could be good news for our coffee addicted, sleep deprived world. 

    A study done by Florida Atlantic University and Harvard, set out to monitor the sleeping patterns of volunteers with sleep journals and body sensors, in association to the amount of coffee, nicotine and alcohol 785 students consumed on a daily basis. In turn, the study had some mind-blowing results that none of the researchers understood. You can find out more about coffee benefits at

    While the study showed how damaging a late-night cigarette and alcohol beverage can be to one’s sleeping pattern. Cigarettes are the most harmful out of all of them, taking at least half an hour of sleep. Additionally, and the most important part, this study also concluded that drinking coffee within 4 hours of sleeping, shows no disruptions in any sleeping patterns, and took no time out of our sleep time. So, let’s see the Best DeLonghi Espresso machine reviews that you can rely on.

    The scientists expected a large sleeping disruption when consuming caffeine, therefore the results completely confused the scientists, and came as a big surprise. Caffeine blocks chemicals in the brain that promotes sleep and instead promotes wakefulness. Additionally, caffeine helps release adrenaline into the body, a hormone which generates energy for more alertness. Miraculously, it doesn’t affect our sleep. 

    Dr. Christine Spadola said: “This study represents one of the largest longitudinal examinations of the associations of evening use of alcohol, caffeine and nicotine with objectively measured sleep outcomes. A night with use of nicotine and/or alcohol within four hours of bedtime demonstrated worse sleep continuity than a night without. We did not observe an association between ingestion of caffeine within four hours of bed with any of the sleep parameters.”

    However, it is necessary to know how sensitive you are to caffeine. As people who react strongly to coffee can, nonetheless, be affected by drinking a cup of coffee before bed. There is no rule when it comes to this, you just need to be self-aware and know what your body is feeling and what it needs. 

    Now there’s no need to worry about having that last late-night cup, you’ve always so desperately wanted. You can now sit back, and enjoy that warm cup of coffee before bed. It doesn’t get any better than that.