Commercial Door Explained


Having proper door installation is essential for your door, having longevity, and having the highest level of performance. If you want your door to be installed correctly, it’s vital that you see a professional. In this article, we will go over the most important things when having a well-placed steel door.

Commercial Door Installation Price

The average commercial steel door installation price will run you about $8,000. The most significant determiners of the cost will be the location, size of the door, and how much manual labor it will take. This is pretty standard around the US in 2019, and everyone should do their background work to find the prices on these things.

Installing Door Hinges

Installing door hinges is a lot cheaper than fixing the door; the door hinges usually cost you around $100.The most important part when installing door hinges is to find the correct location. After you’ve chosen the area, you want to drill the pilot holes to begin screwing them in so you can hold the door in place. After the pilot holes have been screwed in the final stage, they will be connecting them to the door jamb to make sure your door is nice and secure.

Adjusting Steel Doors

Steel doors can begin to start sagging because of extended use, and the door hinges become loose over time. The good thing is that the adjustment process will only take you about 10 minutes, so this won’t be a grueling process at all. You will want to start by opening the door and removing the top and bottom screws. After that, you will want to begin replacing the loose screws and placing the new screws to tighten the door altogether. Once you have screwed all the new screws in, your door should be looking good as new.

How Do you Fix a Commercial Door that won’t Close The most significant problem on your commercial door can be the door latch, and that could be the main culprit for why your door isn’t closing. The first thing you should probably check out is the latch strike plate, make sure it is far enough from the old screw holes. Once you check that more than likely, your door should be working fine.

Expansion of Doors in the Winter

The metal doorway actually more than likely contracts when cold, not because of the temperature, but more from the lower humidity. If you feel as if your door is not properly closing and opening correctly, it is because it was not installed correctly. This is a simple mistake that a lot of people make, but if you check the door hinges, you should see the true problem.

Why Doors Might Stick

There could be a plethora of reasons why your door might be sticking, usually, with wooden doors, they naturally shrink and expand because of different weather conditions. This could be an indication that you might need a maintenance repair or a new door installation altogether. Wooden doors will begin to wither over time, so it is important to keep that in mind when having them in your house.

Always Keep Door Up to Par

Remember to always keep your door up to par as much as possible. Any problems with your door are usually simple maintenance issues that you can pay someone to check out, or you can check for yourself. Most doors go through some wear-and-tear, so always be prepared and know what to do in these situations. Commercial Door Installation is a serious thing and should always be looked upon afterward.