Flea Market Fun and Cash


    There is no better way to spend a Saturday morning than down at your local houston flea market. The air is crisp, the sun is just coming up and people are getting ready to sell. This is the dealer set up time. Dealers/sellers/vendors are setting their tables up for the morning crowd of buyers. 

    No customers yet. They come in at 7:00am. Setting up a table at the local houston flea market is not that hard. I used to do it it out of a 1982 Mazda GLC 2-Door. Two 4 foot tables and about 4 of the medium sized gray totes with the interlocking lids full of my treasures for sale or trade. 

    There is a little trick I learned many years ago that has served me very well through the years. This little trick has earned me a lot of money and got my rent paid when I was broke. The little secret is simple and any body can do it, and many people do it. 

    That is how I learned about it, from the Old Timers. Seasoned sellers that had been doing this for years. These are the people who sell ice to Eskimos, so you do have to be careful.

    Now… for the Secret. After selling for a few Sunday mornings I was running out of stuff to sell. I had been accumulating antiques, treasures, and curiosities for many years from auctions, garage sales and flea markets. However my stock was low. I worked full time and didn’t have time to restock my wares. 

    Now I have befriended a couple of the regulars and got to know them. I would watch their table, and they mine when we had to go to the restroom. So we were friends you could say. Well..I was complaining to my friend, my sales were down and I was not making the money I used too. I was running out of good stuff to sell.

     Finally … the secret. My new friend informs me what a lot of Sunday sellers do is come Saturday morning, very early and buy from other dealers to sell on Sunday. The Saturday sellers are different than the Sunday sellers. Very rarely would a dealer sell both days, I soon found out why. There is no need to when you get the system down pat. I did not know this. Usually Saturday was my sleep in day, as I worked Mon-Fri, and partied Friday nite. Well… Let me tell you the first Saturday I came to buy I packed my car as to look like a dealer to get in early. Which was stupid because the person taking the money knew me and my car.

     He knew what I was up to and charged me the buyers price to get in. After that first Saturday I could come with an empty Mazda and leave with a full Mazda. It was magic… I was in… I was in the network. I soon got to know these sellers and they would give me great deals on stuff. So.. buy on Saturday.. sell on Sunday. 

    That’s the secret, and it works. I’m telling you. Soon my regular customers were back and I had fresh stuff to sell them. I was even taking requests. I would ask my Saturday sellers if they could find a specific item and they would look all week for it. I would buy it from them on Saturday and sell it to my customer on Sunday. Sometimes I double my money. It was awesome. I miss those days. I hope this advice will help you. Good Luck Selling..My Friend!!