How can you stay positive while you are a Escort Nice?


My only suggestion is to work as little as possible. Don’t work every day! Try to work one day a week, or even less. The sex industry is very exhausting (emotional), especially if this is your only profession. Lately, I’ve only started working once a week or less (sometimes I don’t work for months). However, even if I work minimally, I am still affected by the fact that I lead a secret life and am condemned by society.

The traumas that come with sex for money are not the only problems for anescort Nice. In addition, being a prostitute is difficult because of the implications in modern society (stigmatization, incrimination, the lack of privileges associated with the normal lifestyle). For years I tried to make my job easier. I told myself that I would not let work affect my emotions and touch my soul.

But it’s not always easy. I work less, so I can stabilize my emotions and do happy things, like being with the people I love. No one, no matter what profession they have, even if you are anescort Nice, can remain constantly happy… life is about happiness and sadness. We need to experience these emotions so that we can reflect on our lives.

How much money do escorts make?

It depends on each girl. In essence, when someone has the ability to manipulate and ignore emotions, the amount of money is unlimited. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to always ignore our emotions. The two factors that attract money are: charm and emotional sensitivity. I consider myself quite charming in the sense that I am skilled, beautiful and I have a dynamic personality, however I am very sensitive from an emotional point of view.

Therefore, I do not work often because many clients stress and overwhelm me. Clients are sometimes lovers, but it’s hard for me to put on a mask and be affectionate with someone I don’t love. I never worked full time as a escort Nice, because I have other things to do in life. I am motivated to make money to pay my bills, to shop, to see some savings, but I am not looking for more. In the past, I made more money on, when my needs were greater because my lifestyle was different from today. If I wanted to, I could work harder and see more clients, but a full-time escort program would lead to suicide. Balance is the key.

Do prostitutes have rules / restrictions?

Yes, customers play by our rules, not theirs. However, there is an irony in this statement. Most escorts promote themselves as women who “take care of their clients’ needs”, but in reality they set boundaries. Each girl is unique for what she offers, in terms of escort Nice services. They all offer sex, but they do it in different ways. For example, limits / restrictions may include: no kissing, only light kissing, oral sex only with a condom, no oral sex, no touch between the legs.