How To Choose A Power Service


With Individual State bills passed for deregulation of Energy: Power companies have tripled in size. This means that the consumer has more choices, and with that comes more homework in choosing the one that is compatible with his/her lifestyle.

These are six tips on how to choose an Energy company.

  1. Company history and customer service.
  2. The amount you pay for kWh.
  3. Does it have a fixed rate, which could affect the TDU charges( Transmission and    Distribution Utility.The cost each customer pays for the maintenance of the electricity poles, wires meters etc)
  4. Is there a penalty for cancellation?
  5. Do they have specials during high seasons?
  6. Is it prepaid, and how does this feature work? Does it make him the captain of his own ship, he can choose to use a lot or a little. This all transfers to saving money and being able to budget appropriately.

The first thing to look for is the history of the company. It is a local one or is the headquarters two state lines away. How long has the company been in existence. The benefit of choosing a local one, would mean better communication and services. Henceforth, if there was a statewide or technical issue, the solution would be expedited. Internet views and recommendations have made it easier to do a quick search of how the company treats its customers. What is the integrity of the company. How is the company rated, by real customers, not the paid marketers or actors.

The math on price and usage is one of the most important things to do. They need to take their time and go through how many kWh the household is currently using, and how much they are paying per kWh. Are they paying an average of kWh $0.123 or more. Some Energy companies have a cap rate, once he/she goes over, it is a different rate ( a higher price). This will also have a cost effect on their TDU.

Reasons 4, 5, and 6 is where Pogo Energy serves their customers with cost effectiveness. The best strategy in choosing a power company is one that is open to all, not just the people with great credit scores. The power company is aware that if he/she is just starting out on their own, he does not have a stash of cash in his bank account. Pogo Energy is a company that is economically friendly to customers from all walks of life.With Pogo Energy there is no credit check, or a big deposit. He can get accessibility to having his lights turned on without waiting 7-10 business days. He is also not bound by a yearly contract. The best reason is the flexibility of usage.

The most important financial responsibility is to read the fine print. All new companies offer an introductory rate; marketing to new customers. Be sure to read the timeline of the introductory rate. One way to get the finest available solutions at the most reasonable pricing is to compare electricity rate plans and rates from different providers, such as Reliant Energy rates. Some might follow the guidelines of the credit card companies whereby, They give you a 0% introductory rate for 6 months, and then charge you the original rate of 30% after the six months expire. A lot of people fall prey to this marketing strategy; he/she will forget to call to either re-enroll in the plan, or just cancel entirely.

This is where having prepaid Energy is stress free and allows the customer to budget appropriately. It is similar to a prepaid credit card, he/she can choose how much to spend. As stated earlier, the customer can determine his/her energy usage. There are no shock costs when the customer receives his bill.