Line Array Stands and Speakers Quick List


In the speaker industry there are new line array stands available. This set of speaker stands does more than older versions. Updated to modern standards they offer better sound for concerts. It can also direct sound at different angles to achieve good sound outdoors. Their choice of stands are good for venues outdoors they have. The old fashioned box on a stick versions are out of date. 

By using modern line array stands and speakers you’re having higher quality. The best way to add sound to your venue or outdoor concert is with these. They are technically made well and look nice on the sound area. The angles they achieve direct sound well at an audience for it.

They have a very wide dispersion pattern for an effective sound. The speakers also have a good vertical dispersion pattern on it also. There are speakers from Bose, Turbosound, LdSystems, TOA, and Karray. The speakers and stands are above the quality of a normal PA system. They can be used for most outdoor events to achieve higher quality sound. There are lineups of styles of these kinds of stands. They are in the category of most common, and the less often used versions. Their flagship line of stands is the larger type that is used most common. They have smaller versions that are a line of their own. This is what many promoters use when they put on a concert outside. They want to have excellent sound that travels far.

Putting together a concert isn’t easy and the people at Seismic Audio know how. They are the ones that they can call for help on this. Everyone goes to a concert expecting some good sound. In the outdoor concerts you hope to get just as good as you had before. The speakers from Seismic Audio are good at this, and make the sounds better than others. The time the people have at listening to music at a concert will be remembered. Create a nice set up with a pair of speaker stands. 

Using a pair of 500w speakers together for great sound. Add a subwoofer to the array and add more sound. This could be done with a 1600w subwoofer added in the set up. With the two stands and some excellent sounding speakers, you will sound better than before you got them. The placement around the sound stage would be of importance. All the direction of the flow of music should go to the audience.

There is also a stand with a 10″ bass subwoofer located on it. It is equipped with a curved speaker at the top of it. Use this for small events, business conferences, and small gatherings. The way to ensure you’re getting proper sound is with their professionals. From one end to the other use a line array of exceptional speaker stands. The business conference can be seen in a whole different way with them. What was once an unexciting day would be turned into a memorable moment. 

This is because they can hear the music with sound from speakers right up front by the action. The line array stands from Soundtown are the choice for when they’re ready for it. It is good for small events, when you need speakers but not major amounts of it. They can easily be transported to and from the event’s location. It is able to fold up easily to store anywhere for travel. They are a good form of entertainment to add some extra when you need it. The guests will be more relaxed and consider the event great.