How to Set Up a Functional and Trendy Sink in Laundry Room


A utility sink is a beneficial addition to the laundry room. It is deep and large that makes washing and cleaning chores easier. The laundry sink helps pre-soak stained clothes and eases the cleaning work. It also helps in the bathing of pets, cleaning kids’ crafts, soaking houseplants as well.

Here are the ways to set up a laundry sink in the home.

How to choose the right laundry sink?

Smaller sinks that have a conventional design are beneficial for laundry rooms. In such sinks, you can easily wash hands, rinse out laundry supplies, and clean the laundry room too. Small sinks keep the laundry room uncluttered, increase storage space, and gives a basic level of washing abilities.

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What types of Laundry Sink Accessories should you choose?

In addition to a simple sink basin, there are a few sink accessories that can prove to be beneficial. This includes under sink shelving, a soap dispenser, or a towel rack. All these accessories make the laundry sink a valuable addition to the laundry room. These accessories help in the installation of a laundry sink or the current sink.

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Tips to Install the Laundry Sink

Consider the following tips to DIY install the skin properly.

  • Place it close to the washer

To get the best value from your laundry sink, place it next to the washer. It reduces the effort needed to move damp clothes between the sink and the washer. This is beneficial especially when you have to soak large clothes such as a sleeping bag, a bedspread, etc.

  • Choose a large-sized, and deep basin

Ensure that the basin of the sink is at least fifteen inches deep. It offers a lot of space to soak craft items, dyeing fabrics, large items, or bathe your pet.

  • Setup a practical faucet

Choose a high-arching faucet that is equipped with a pull-down sprayer. This is required because a low-profile faucet can clog access to the sink, which lowers its functionality. Along with it, install a sprayer to properly rinse the sink. Select a high-arching faucet that has a side sprayer whose hose is long i.e., around 20 to 28 inches in size.

  • Use a sinking board to maximize space.

Laundry rooms are generally small side. A large laundry sink can take up the maximum amount of countertop space. It leaves you with a small room to separate dirty items and fold fresh clothes.

To prevent any issues related to space crunch, what you can do is to position a sinking board on the basin. It is beneficial at the time of the requirement of an additional workstation.


The laundry sink simplifies the washing of clothes, utensils, pets, and many other things. The right selection and installation of the laundry sink will help you reap the maximum benefits from it. These tips will help you in the proper installation of the laundry sink.