Bathroom Renovation Ideas Under Budget


Remodeling the bathroom is an expensive venture. According to the stats, to renovate the bathroom (รี โน เวท ห้องน้ำ, which is the term in Thai) can cost up to $10,500 on average. However, remodeling the bathroom has a long list of advantages. You get a beautiful bathroom that suits your style. Also, where we freshen up, therefore making them stylish and beautiful, directly impacts our lives.

Moreover, by doing the right renovation, you can increase the price of your property. So, you can say the bathroom renovation is like adding value to your house. In every home improvement project, you need to make sure you earn more when you sell the things.

For the people looking for Renovation ideas for their bathroom on a budget, here are some things that you can try out:


Tiles are expensive, and considering the cost of contractor and labor, you need to hire to lay the tile and increase the renovation cost. To save money, you can try to limit the tile. You only use the tiles to impact certain areas, such as shower stall walls. Highlighting important areas provide an artistic touch to your bathroom that is visually appealing.

Counter Tops

You need to be aware of the graphite countertops to save some money on installing the countertop in your bathroom. To cut down the countertop price, you can choose the color of the countertop that is least popular. Also, if there are visible imperfections in the graphite countertop, you can lower the price even more. When you place the faucet or sink on the countertop, the imperfection will be less visible.


Painting is the least expensive activity when you renovate the bathroom. Also, painting the bathroom gives them a new look. Repainting is the instant way of giving your bathroom a makeover. All you need to consider is the moisture, which is why the mold and mildew from easily in the bathroom. So, use high-quality paint that protects from mold formation.

Caulk and Grout

Caulking and Grout help you renovate the bathroom. With caulking, you get to improve the little details of your bathroom. The crack makes your bathroom look dull. Therefore, the clean lines around the sink and tube can help you elevate your bathroom’s look. You will be surprised how the simple caulk and Grout can help you to freshen up the bathroom.