Important Qualities You Must Have To Become An Efficient Cabin Crew Member


Are you one of those who is willing to be a flight attendant? Being the member of the cabin crew with the position of a flight attendant is a great career. As it allows you to travel more and explore. It is also considered one of the best and enjoyable careers one could ever have.

Still, many people want to be flight attendants but not good at language (อยาก เป็น แอร์ แต่ ไม่ เก่ง ภาษา, which is the term in Thai). Hence, throwing some light on it, the only language is not a way to make it through this career. There are many other important qualities that you need to possess along with it.

Therefore, in this post, we will discuss in brief what the essential qualities a flight attendant must possess are. So, let’s get started.

Must Have The Qualities And Requirements Of The Flight Attendant!

There are no such requirements that govern the position of the flight attendant. But still, some traditional requirements do exist.

  • Age Requirements

Some airlines have minimum age requirements of 18 years for the application of the flight attendant. Whereas, some airlines have 21. Though there is no such maximum age limit.

  • Education Requirements

 Airlines go with a high school diploma and a minimum of two years of a college degree in the specific related field for which they want to consider the job.

  • Language

Language is a very essential parameter when it comes to getting the flight attendant job in your desired airlines. You should know how to speak English very well. Make sure you have an excellent command of the language to grab more opportunities.

  • Physical Features

The physical features and requirements are the parameters observed essentially during the hiring process. 

The flight attendant’s height (ส่วน สูง แอร์ โฮสเตส, which is the term in Thai) ranges around 5-6 feet and three inches. This is the perfect height standard for flight attendants.

Coming towards the weight, there is such a parameter for the weight threshold. The only thing to consider is your body weight should be proportional to your height.  

Your vision should be around 20/30 and without lenses. This ensures that you have excellent eyesight and you are perfect for the flight attendant job.

Other physical requirements- If you have a tattoo, piercings, or any other kind of body art. Then make sure that these are visible at all. This may block the opportunity of getting the job of a flight attendant. For women, the makeup should be clean and stable, and sophisticated. Whereas, men should be groomed excellently.