Important Questions to ask your Customs Broker!


Businesses do not seem that easy because they are filled with tonnes of rules and regulations to be met with. It is more like diving into seas of complications with agreements and compliances to abide by. A customs broker can save your day in such a scenario. But having a broker who would provide you with all the necessary contributions required for the longer sustainability of your business is very important.

Choosing the Perfect Custom Broker

The way to choose the perfect broker is to know if he is updated and aligned with all the changing situations in the international trade market and everything else that is surrounding it. Having a team of Clearit import brokers will ensure proper guidance and advice on maintaining the ethical practices according to NAFTA guidelines. They will also ensure that the clearance and release of the goods are not time-taken. 

Questions to ask 

To choose the custom broker that will suffice all the business needs, here are listed a few questions, which when asked, will provide a clearer picture of their eligibility for your business.

  • What is the general timeline for their operations in a week; the days and time their offices are accessible, and who is going to entertain further queries and concerns if they arise beyond the broker’s operational hours.
  • What all and how much knowledge do the broker and his team possess regarding the guidelines of NAFTA and how will the company’s good exportation and importation get profited?
  • How do they collect and maintain their back-end data and how do they stock their records based on various inputs and outputs?
  • Does the team operate in compliance with the prevalent custom regulations?
  • Can you determine if the products of my business are going to get extra fees and duty levied upon in subject to various government departments?
  • Does your brokerage team cover both services of import and export?
  • Are you flexible enough to use every mode of transportation for goods transit?
  • Do you have enough research to help me get levied upon by extra duties and penalties?
  • Do you provide online documentation help?
  • How are you going to assist in goods returning?
  • Who in the team will answer to the call from us?

These questions will help you land to the broker who is just perfect for you and your business.