Is It Worth Buying Travel Insurance?


People in India are still not used to the concept of travel insurance. Though there is a significant increase in the number of people opting for travel insurance in the country, there are many who are still not sure about buying the travel insurance plan. You may think to purchase a travel insurance plan is a waste of money, but it is essential if you value your peace of mind. There could be a scenario where you may need to leave the trip and go home before the decided date or seek any emergency medical treatment while travelling. Travel insurance covers you against all such risks. If you still haven’t made your mind to buy a travel insurance plan, 

here’s a list of risks that you are exposing yourself to: 

  • Unforeseen flight cancellation 
  • Loss of luggage  
  • Unexpected need for your prescribed medication 
  • Loss of passport and wallet  
  • Trip cancellation due to sickness 
  • Medical emergency in a foreign country 
  • Emergency evacuation due to natural calamities or terrorist activities at your destination 

Hence, travel insurance is a must to safeguard yourself against various such risks. If you are travelling to a foreign country as a student, then you should apply for a student travel insurance plan that will cover you against threats like loss of luggage and documents and other such issues caused in the journey. In case you are travelling to a new destination for holidays individually or in a group, we suggest you buy a comprehensive travel insurance plan.   

Besides the unexpected trip cancellations, there are various reasons where travel insurance can come handy to rescue you against unforeseen issues in a foreign land. Like a student insurance policy will cover expenses caused due to emergency hospitalisation, loss baggage or travel documents, tuition fee, bail bonds, cancellation or delay of flights. Many foreign universities now insist their students buy travel insurance cover upto a certain amount to cover specific risk factors.  

A Comprehensive Travel Insurance covers various risks that ensure the student pursues the course without any issue. A comprehensive travel insurance plan covers various financial aspects to make sure you don’t face any financial issue in a foreign land. Be it the loss of checked-in baggage, emergency health issues, aeroplane accident, trip cancellation or any other problem, all such sorts of issues are covered under the insurance plan. Following are the benefits of buying a student travel insurance plan:  

  • Eligibility – A students travel insurance policy is available to individuals between 18 to 35 years of age only.  


  • Reasonable premiums – Indian insurance companies offer students travel insurance policies are available at a low premium, which is almost one-third of the premium paid to an international university. You can pay the premiums in Indian currency and enjoy the benefits in foreign currency.   


  • Coverage of certain risks – Many of the western countries have made it mandatory to cover specific risks under the travel insurance plan. These include drug dependency, alcoholism, pregnancy, nervous disorders, cancer screening, expenses incurred for intercollegiate sports.  


  • Extension of the policy – The policy can be extended hassle-free anytime throughout the tenure of your course. You can renew the policy online as per your convenience.  


  • Waiver of premium – If you are buying a student travelers insurance policy from an Indian insurance company, then you can get a waiver of premium from the foreign university.  


  • Student disruption – The interruption caused in studies due to sickness or death of the sponsor gets covered by the insurance policy, and you will get reimbursement of the paid tuition fee.  

 When you are planning for an expensive tour, buying a reliable trip cancellation policy is a must. You can explore option offered in travel insurance policies online and compare them to find a plan that suits your requirements.