Know the App Which Has 24×7 Leader board Support for Your Online Games?


A leaderboard is a handy and essential social feature. It can be added easily to any game. It is mainly used to increase game engagement and retention, but it may be used to boost player acquisition. Leaderboards are most probably one of the oldest features used in various gaming platforms. It is used for increasing the competition level among the players by giving them a rank in various ways to generate more gameplay. 

It is relatively easy to design and add leaderboards in a game. When the leaderboards were first designed, they mainly showed the top ten players in the rank. The concept of a leaderboard has always remained simple. It is just a table where the entries of the players are ranked either by one field, such as the score or more than one field like its score, lap time etc. 

There are also many gaming platforms where you will find 24×7 leaderboards like GetMega. It is among the top gaming platforms. But other gaming sites like gamezop do not offer a 24×7 leaderboard. To learn more about these two gaming applications, keep reading this article till the end.

Leaderboard of GetMega

Unlike gamezop, gaming apps like the GetMega have 24×7 leaderboards for casual and card games, including Rummy, Poker, GoPool and Carrom. The leaderboard is winning and task-based both. Hence, you can be at the top of the leaderboard if you win or play the game. On this gaming site, you will come across hourly leaderboards that are known as flash leaderboards. However, there are also daily, monthly or weekly leaderboards. 

The top ten players on the leaderboard of GetMega will be eligible for winning the leaderboard rewards. Entering these leaderboards is both paid and free, and this is dependent on the kind of leaderboard that you choose. You can play games on GetMega and win up to 100,000 weekly from the leaderboard. Not only this, but you can also win attractive prizes such as a mobile phone, gold coin and many more.

Leaderboard of Gamezop

On the contrary, when we talk about the leaderboard of gamezop, you will not get a 24×7 leaderboard here as GetMega does. But it indeed updates you regularly regarding the scores of the live games. This leaderboard will also show the players the final results when each game ends. 

Most of the games that you find on gamezop are free to enter. But, in case you wish to play any game to win money, you have to pay the entry fee of that game. Each time a player wins and wishes to withdraw the winning amount, they will be allowed to transfer the amount to their Paytm account or use it as free mobile recharge.

Games That Can Help You to Rank Higher On the Leaderboards

GetMega has three categories like cards, trivia and casual. You can choose to play any game among these three categories and win real cash. 

The card games include poker and rummy. The casual gaming category includes games like GoPool, Carrom, ABC Rummy, Dots & Dash and Warship. The games that are included in the trivia category are PicMe, 123 and GK. You can play all these games only on GetMega, win cash for real, and earn yourself the topmost rank in the leaderboards.

In gamezop, you can play LUDO, Carrom, Pool, Cricket, Football, Archery, Snakes and ladders. Since this gaming platform deals in real cash, you will get to play only with real-time players who have a verified account on this gaming site. On gamezop, you will also find two types of gaming hosts, which will only test your gaming skills, and the other will let you win real money. Based on all these games, you can keep ranking higher in their leaderboards.