Lepin Brick Buying Options for You




Brick-Lepin refers to modular toy building materials with simple manufacturing technology and affordable cost. Their appearance really resembles the details of a well-known designer, but they are not inferior in strength and frost resistance to ordinary firing bricks. Production has not yet reached industrial proportions, private enterprises are mainly engaged in production (the benefit of the cost of equipment allows this). Reviews of the building material are mixed, many note the simplicity and accuracy of the masonry, but the durability and thermal insulation properties have not yet been tested by time. 

Material Description, Performance Hyper-pressed modular bricks are available in different forms, but most often the term “Lepin” is used in a rectangular blank of size 250 × 125 × 65 mm with locking joints and two through holes with a diameter of 75 mm. The geometry of the products is carefully verified, with a correctly laid first row, even a beginner can cope with the construction of Lepin-brick structures. 

The Designs

This design allows you to lighten the weight of the workpieces (this reduces the load on the foundation) and lay wires and other communications inside the walls. Recommended applications include facade cladding, construction of fences, columns, partitions and load-bearing walls. The material is optimal when you need a quick construction of light buildings. The use of the Lepinworld comes perfect there. You need the best deals here as you can have the best lepin bricks now for the toy making and more. You need to be choosy however and there comes the best deals and choices. You can find the perfect set of colors and quality there. On the other hand, the quality of the same comes perfect there. This is where you need to be specific now.

The main performance characteristics include: 

Manufacturing Features

The equipment for the production of Lepin bricks is a manual or electric multifunctional machine, not demanding on the area and placement conditions. The blanks are formed in special matrices, at the initial stage the most simple and common ones are enough. 

Last Words

On average, on electrical equipment, it takes no more than 12 seconds to make 1 piece, and 3 more to remove it from the machine. The quality depends on several factors: the composition of the mixture, the size of the fractions of the components and the magnitude of the processed pressure. It is noted that for the production of Lepin brick with sufficient strength, a pressure of at least 150 kg / cm2 must be provided (it is worth paying attention to this before buying equipment). It is believed that the material is immediately suitable for work, but experienced builders advise to wait at least 3 weeks before use.