Managing Tenants While Living Abroad


Homeowners that travel for extended periods of time for their jobs often are left with concerns regarding their owned properties. While away for work many tasks must be taken care of. Lawn care and general upkeep must be attended to and during the colder winter months snow removal may also be a priority for residents in colder climates. One major concern is often in regards to the dependability of hired companies to actually perform the needed work while the home owner is away.

In addition to having the property maintained the bills must also be paid. In today’s digital world it is easier to keep up on bills even from overseas. In many cases homeowners are able to set up automatic bill pay so that every month the mortgage, insurance, electric, gas, water, garbage and any other utilities are paid in a timely manner. Mail can also be held at the post office so that it does not pile up in a mailbox at the residence.

What if there was a way to capitalize on your home while you are away for work? You could become a short term (or even long term) rental landlord and make money on your residence while you are abroad for work or leisure. If you are only going to be gone for a few weeks at a time then a short term rental would be ideal. If you will be gone for months at a time then you can consider a more in depth rental agreement.

 This is a fantastic way to make money on the property that covers all of the expenses you are out of pocket for while away. Individuals that travel for work may find themselves fortunate to reside in company provided lodging while abroad so renting out their permanent residence gives them a chance to actually save or make money while away.

When it comes to renting out a property there are two options:

  • Privately rent out the residence
  • Hire a professional property management company to find a renter

Busy professionals that do not have the time to focus on showing the property and performing adequate background checks would benefit more from utilizing the second option. There are added benefits to utilizing a property management Friendswood TX or any town across the US.

The management company will typically charge a fee to find and screen a potential renter but they will also have all necessary businesses lined up to also care for the property. In many cases several potential renters will be presented to the homeowner and the homeowner will then have the opportunity to select which one they would like to rent to.

While the homeowner is abroad they no longer need to worry about the property. In the event of anything breaking and needing repairs the management company will send a repair professional. The property management Friendswood TX company will also see to necessary upkeep around the property. These services do come with a fee but they provide peace of mind for the homeowner.

When you find a property management company that matches your needs you will meet with the agent that will be showing your company and go over all fees and services at the time of signing a management agreement.

The property management company will keep the homeowner appraised of any situations that occur while they are away and this will allow them to adequately focus on their travels and work rather than worry about the property they own thousands of miles away.