Meeting Room Requirements – 5 Things To Look For In A Premium Meeting Room


Many tomes have been written on giving effective presentations and putting on productive meetings. However, less attention has been paid to the need to make effective use of space when putting on a meeting. This oft-neglected point is nevertheless essential to ensuring that your meetings go smoothly each and every time.

How best to choose a meeting room is something that takes learned experience. However, to provide a basic understanding of some core principles, here we elaborate on what a premium meeting room needs to have. To start, you can check out these meeting rooms for some insight into what a premium meeting room looks like.

Beyond that, let’s look at five specific things to look for in a premium meeting room.

Appropriate Floor Space

Picking the right style of the room for the meeting you are planning is essential. Having too much or too little empty space can create dissonance and an impression of unprofessionalism even in a subconscious way. The last thing you want is for half of the room to be empty making it seem like the meeting is unimportant or too full making it seem like you do not know how to plan an event.

Find a premium meeting room provider who can offer you several different styles of meeting rooms to suit any occasion. Think of boardroom-style rooms for corporate presentations and more formal events. Standard meeting rooms are great for getting together with your own team. Consider Kahrs Flooring for your classy meeting spaces because they tell guests a lot about your type of business. Green meeting rooms tailored to make every occasion warm and pleasant for all can be a real deal-clincher. You can find wonderful cork flooring designs that cool the room temperature and reduce overall energy consumption. Finally, private offices are ideal for interviews or other one-on-one interview occasions.

Dignified Location

Premium meeting rooms need to be geographically located in a prestigious area to earn the distinction of their name. Look for a meeting room that is in a central business or financial district of your city. Not only are these areas usually easy to access using a variety of transportation methods, but they will give your meeting a sense of gravitas and usually a nice view.

Up-To-Date AV Equipment

Your meeting room needs to have well-maintained and up-to-date AV equipment to run smoothly. Choosing a meeting room that has this equipment installed and ready-to-go when you and your team arrive is essential. Make sure to consider best ultra short throw projector for presentations as well as video conferencing equipment to patch in your remote workers for the event. Ensuring that your premium meeting room has complimentary high-speed internet for all attendees is also essential.

Professional Administrative Support

Having professional support in-house at the location of your meeting room will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on running the meeting effectively. Competent IT support needs to be on-hand just in case the well-maintained AV equipment does not seem to be working for reasons that are not immediately clear.

Having access to receptionists who can usher in your attendees will also give your meeting a professional touch. Look for a meeting room provider who can offer you access to these services with your premium meeting room rental.

Stock Of Refreshments

While it might seem like a trivial point, it is essential that your meeting room comes with a stock of refreshments for attendees. Especially if your meeting is planned to run for several hours, having complimentary tea and coffee will help to keep energy levels high and focus on point. Choosing a premium meeting room provider will allow you to take the stress off preparing these refreshments yourself as well.

Meeting Magic

While the ultimate success of a meeting will depend on your personal talents, having the right meeting room can go a long way towards making the event run smoothly. Consider the above points to choose a premium meeting room that will meet the needs of any meeting you are planning.