Most Fashionable Shoes for Women – What are the Best Ones for You?


No other season comes with the same amount of pressure as summer does. From the moment one summer ends, plans are already set in motion in preparation for the next one. It makes sense too. The list of things needed for a perfect summer is almost inexhaustible. From a perfect body for the season to vacation and travel plans, a perfect summer requires conscious effort and meticulous planning. It is the same thing with fashionable shoes too.

Even though we appreciate a bold fashion statement, fashion trends are mainstream for a reason. We have gone full circle and have finally arrived at a point where comfort and style can co-exist. These days, the most fashionable shoes for women are mainstream because it is a perfect mix of these two qualities. So, what shoes are women wearing this summer?

Beach Sandals

What is summer without trips to the beach? The best options in this class encourage mobility as well as protect your feet from the elements. Beach sandals trump flip-flops on this list because of their versatility too. A simple, elegant design is also more practical so that it does not draw attention from your swimsuit or the summer body you want to show off.

Denim Heels

If there is one thing we know by now, it is that denim is not going anywhere anytime soon. This quintessential fashion icon looks just as good in jackets and pants as it does in footwear too. When used in the correct combination, it is sure to knock it out of the park this summer.


We will go out on a limb and assume that you will be taking leisurely strolls during these summer months. Before we learned to walk in three-inch heels, we relied on sneakers, and still do. The most fashionable women’s shoes will easily fit in at a park or on a night out with the girls.

Flat Shoes

No doubt, you will be invited to one or two weddings this summer. If you decide to attend any, you cannot do better than a classy flat shoe. It offers comfort and practicality along with versatility. They pair as well with trousers as they do skirts and dresses.

Lace-Up Heels

If heels were not hot enough, laces running above the ankle should seal the deal. Whether in sandals, shoes, or sneakers, lace-up shoes will definitely be one of the most fashionable shoes of summer 2021.

Straight Leg Boots

It seems the higher it goes, the more attractive it becomes. There are various knee-high fashionable shoes to choose from this summer that are sure to turn a couple of heads. They are also useful for days when the temperature drops a few degrees.

Combat Boots

Speaking of head-turners, we have it on good authority that combat boots will make people notice your feet this summer. They are also incredibly versatile and useful even out of season. Whether you wear them with a sundress or long coat, they never look out of place.


Summer is here, which means that we have to venture out more than we ever did anytime this year. Stepping out in style is not an option – it is a necessity and only a few people can help you achieve this. Wilddiva has an impressive catalog of fashionable women’s footwear that would lay the groundwork for a perfect summer. Click here to visit the website!