Tips for Choosing Home Doors in 2021


Choosing your doors might easily get overlooked when designing the interior of your home, since the amount of visual real estate they occupy is not as noticeable as your furnishings. However, there are a few things that that are important to think about, including which company to choose. We’ve compiled a comprehensible list of tips for door-hunters.

Materials, Model and More

The first tip on materials applies more towards choosing good doors for your interior – after all you wouldn’t want to have glass at your front door. Privacy matters! And so does the type of door you choose. Glass or transparent framed doors could be useful partitions to visually expand the space that constrain most Singaporeans homes, e.g., at a balcony or kitchen. On the other hand, most main doors that separate rooms are made of wood since they are more soundproof so your family members can enjoy their privacy.

The opening mechanism is also important to think about. While technology in home installation has progressed, an ultra-advanced door opening mechanism has sadly yet to be invented. Although there are niche subtypes, the two archetypes are sliding and hinged or pivoted doors. Choosing a door type is important when thinking about the utilization of room space. Personal rooms would have to accommodate their furniture around the swinging of a door, so keep that in mind!

On the topic of accessibility, having additional opening options could also be relevant if you have disabled or elderly family members living with you, such as installing a ramp for wheelchair accessibility. The type of door handle itself also forms part of the room aesthetic. More traditional interiors might benefit from circle knobs, as they are a classic and staple look. Modern interiors might benefit from levers or alternatives instead.

Door-cumenting the Next Step

Confused about door choices with hundreds of options to customize? So are we, but do not fret! Choosing a long-standing company with many years of service can help immensely with the selection process. It also helps if the company has their portfolio and catalogue of services available online, so half the shopping can be done before you meet them. They would also know what type, model, and parts to recommend in the designing process!

One advantage is that many established door installation companies have good ties with factories that make doors and door parts, while some even own the factories themselves. This opens up a whole new room of options to pick and choose from when picking out your door, so you aren’t constrained by choice.

Your door will also be installed securely and safely, so you won’t have to worry about its longevity. Focus on the things that matter instead and choose high quality doors with a good door supplier, and check out their catalogue to see what door fits your home! Do remember that making a consultation is a phone call or email away and entirely free, and that it never hurts to ask for more information. Happy door hunting!