Nail Polish Options You Can Surely Perfect Your look with


Today, the beauty of the hands is just as important as the morning make-up session and, for many French women, it is now out of the question to step outside without a flawless manicure. And, who says manicure, says mandatory passage through the box “Nail polish”. Except what nail polish do you want, here is it: there are dozens of different ones, not to say hundreds, and, very quickly, we no longer know where to look. What is a good varnish? What colors are right for you? How do you identify the wrong components? So many questions that will try to answer in order to guide you in your choice.

What type of nail polish to choose?

We tend to believe that the choice of nail polish is a matter of two minutes. However, it comes in a lot of colors and effects that you can adopt as you wish. Here are the main nail polishes that you can come across while on the shelves of cosmetic stores. As you make use of multichrome nail polish you will be getting the best solutions right there.

Cream varnish

This is the classic varnish, without any particular effect and perfect for discreet every day wear. 

  • Whether it’s red, pink, coral, brown or even transparent, it will perfectly showcase your hands in a sophisticated way without overdoing it. 
  • Ideal for going to work or even for parties, if you want to keep a manicure looking natural. 

The iridescent varnish

This is a slightly shiny varnish and gives a glossy effect to your nails thanks, quite simply, to glitter powder. Making your manicure more sophisticated, it should be preferred in basic shades such as powder pink, nude or in darker shades such as deep red, gray or brown. It is ideal for an evening. 

Matte varnish

As its name suggests, it brings a matte finish to the nails, unusual and original (neither shine nor reflection). We will prefer it in a light color like nude for a sophisticated effect. 

Glitter varnish

Ideal for festive atmospheres, the glitter nail polish can also be worn for a trip to the beach because it brings out the wonders of the tan. It awakens the spirit of celebration, brings light, joy and above all it makes you sparkle with a thousand lights! The “caviar” varnish Yes, we are referring here to the caviar that is found on the plates (not ours). 

Why? Quite simply because it is a varnish in the form of small balls which recall the famous caviar. It is therefore a varnish that gives a very “haute couture” effect to keep for special occasions or when you want to get out of the big game.

The rule of 3

Many women recommend a maximum of one or two brush strokes for proper nail polish application. However, it is better to apply three . Start from the left, then the right and finish in the center. The rendering will be more homogeneous.