Ride Entertainment’s park maintenance can help operators reopen safely  


Ride Entertainment, a leader in installation and supply of the most thrilling attractions, is promoting safe handling of guests once parks reopen after COVID-19.

Ride Entertainment is happy to provide services to parks and attractions while adapting to a world after COVID-19 that emphasizes on new safety and health requirements. The company has modernized its Skycoaster procedures and reviewed how its theme park maintenance and installation team can assist parks as they reopen.

The President of Business Development in the company, Adam Sandy, acknowledged that things will not look the same as park properties start to open.

He further said that Ride Entertainment will play its part to help parks and attractions in their preparations to welcome guests. It is for this reason that they updated Skycoaster procedures and re-tooled their installation and theme park maintenance team in a way meant to help U.S.-based parks resume business. Since there is no custom approach, each park will open with local conditions and science as its guide where they want to assist to the best of their ability.


Updates on Skycoaster’s operational procedures are complete, with the company working with partners to ensure provision of cleaning solutions for flight suits.

Skycoaster’s Managing Director, Lance Beatty says that Skycoaster remains committed and open minded in this time that the industry faces a unique chain of events to support their customers as they navigate the challenging times.

The MD goes on to say that they are thankful to High Sports Energy for their bid to find a solution on flight suits sanitizations and setting up a procedure to be used as a guide during operations. He wished everyone a healthy and safe season with a hope to fly soon.

Theme Park Maintenance

There will be theme park maintenance activities before they can reopen to the public.

The Project Director for Installations and Maintenance Division, Amanda Mercado says that opening of the closed attractions and parks will need a considerable amount of work from theme park maintenance staff. This is mainly because the parks had no time to prepare in advance because of COVID-19.

Their installation and theme park maintenance team can assist park maintenance teams around the country. She goes on to say that they can supplement work and labor with your park’s project manager or team and finish projects on your behalf to carry out necessary theme park maintenance and have the rides running.

Their theme park maintenance team has members with decades of experience and skills. You can possess the same skills if you enrolled at ITI College for maintenance technician training course. Having these skills will help you identify accident risks in park rides when you carry out theme park maintenance.