Sephora UAE Coupon Code and Price Matching


Sometimes, using Sephora UAE coupon code to purchase your favorite beauty care products doesn’t mean you have enjoyed the best of deals. Have you ever bought something at a retail store and discovered that the price has dropped a couple of hours later? Now, this can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t like missing out on any deal. Really, this does happen all the time across the world, especially at the online shopping platforms. There is no static price as things change by the minute. However, you don’t have to worry, thanks to price matching. With this, you can get a refund on the variant in the price at many stores. The question is; does this happen at Sephora? We’ll answer this question in a bit but first, let’s explain what price matching is all about.

 Price Matching

This is one of the best ways of receiving cash-back on orders made at the online platform and also in-store. Price matching is a term used by retailers to describe a part refund of credit or cash when the price of a product drops within a specific period of time. Let’s say you purchase a lip kit from Sephora for the sum of $50 and while browsing through the internet, you find the same product for the price of $35 at another online store or another Sephora store. You may qualify for a refund on the variation in the product’s price. This is in accordance with the price adjustment policy of the retail store. You may get the refund as a cash-back or credit, which will be returned on the credit card that you used in purchasing the product. You can also get a Sephora UAE coupon code for the value.

Does Sephora UAE do Price Matching?

Back to the questions; does Sephora UAE really do price matching on its range of products? There is no straight answer to this question and you will understand in a bit. For products that are being sold on Amazon, Sephora does not offer price matching and doesn’t honor the pricing of competitors. For price matching to be honored, the competitor’s pricing you refer to must be the regular retail price and not discounted offers or sales. In other words, you can’t claim a price match on a product that is on sales at another retail store. Additionally, you have to claim the price match within a period of five days of your orders from Sephora. The claim will not be honored after the time frame. The price match claim may also be valid even if you have used a Sephora UAE coupon code for your purchase.

Another Dimension to Sephora Price Matching

Sometimes, you might not qualify for price adjustment refund policy even if you find out that the price of an item has dropped after you have purchased it. However, you don’t have to fret about it. This is because the online retail store offers one of the best return policies in the e-commerce industry. Now, let’s say you are not eligible for a price matching refund, you might decide to return the product and get it at the store where they’re selling at a reduced price. This means you can return your purchase for free, even if you don’t have a receipt for it. Please note that without a receipt, you will require a proof of identification and you might only get store credit in the form of Sephora UAE coupon code and not outright refund.

To get the best of savings at Sephora, it is recommended that you learn to track price drops at different retailers so that you can always get the best prices.