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A conflict exists today between astrology and science that it would be useless to want to put aside. We do not hope, with these few lines, to put an end to it, only to say what we think about it, to express my position in relation to this debate, even this controversy. Science, at present, is incapable of proving experimentally – as of refuting, by the way, the foundations of astrology.

The Main Principal

The fundamental principles of Leo Daily Horoscope astrology are certainly based on a scientific basis: astronomy, that is to say, the observation of the sky and the study of the movement of the stars, the planets, in our solar system, with respect to the Earth and the fixed stars, but astronomy and astrology are two very different and different disciplines: the first is certainly necessary to understand and practice the second, while it does not currently recognize the value, while in past civilizations, both were practiced jointly by the priests and sages of these different peoples (Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Chinese, Mayans, etc.), the first being then the tool, the second, the finality. At one time astrology was even taught at the University.

It was only with increasing materialism and intellectual rationalism that the divorce between astronomical science and astrological art was consummated. And the entire more so, if we consider, as we do here, astrology not as a science (decried by some as a “pseudo-science”), but as an art. 

  • Indeed, in addition to its astronomical base, the scientific approach borrows the empirical side which constantly puts in dialogue and confrontation theory and practice, tested by concrete human experience.
  • There is, however, no absolute mathematical truth that the so-called “hard” sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.), but the relative, subjective, and no less real, of the human being, of his evolution. , his vision of the world, his experience, his unconscious (individual and collective), his sensitivity, his representations, his systems of belief and thought, etc., as in the so-called “soft” sciences (social, human, psychology, philosophy, etc. ).
  • It is for this reason that we speak of “art”, because, rich of all this vast culture, it nevertheless needs “intuition”, of “sensitivity”, to be apprehended and exercised fully, in the totality of its dimension literally embracing everything in its perspective.

Now, in order to mitigate somewhat the apparent incompatibility of science and astrology, let us add some considerations from the scientific world itself.

At present science itself finally recognizes what the great sages and spiritual masters of past eras already advanced, namely that the universe, matter, is only energy having taken form (as well as thought and emotion), which can also behave in a very surprising way on a subatomic scale, with regard to our conceptions, to our apprehension of this material environment, related to classical mechanics. The important thing is not the matter anymore, but the information, both being energy anyway!