Skin Issues Faced By French Bulldogs


The sensitivity of a French bulldog is no hidden secret. Every bulldog owner is tensed about their little friend’s health issues and wants to take the necessary actions to relieve them from skin irritations.

Pay attention to their skin

If one is a new proud bulldog owner, they have to keep a special eye on their bulldogs for detecting the symptoms of skin irritation. These dogs are very sensitive and need special attention from their owners. Some of the most common signs are:

  • Redness

The affected area becomes red. Once the redness is spotted, immediately call for a vet.

  • Itching

If the Frenchie is continuously itching its skin, it’s a signal that they are facing some kind of skin irritation.

  • Crusty skin

Sometimes the skin becomes crusty like flakes. Bulldogs are supposed to have smooth skin. The crustiness of the skin indicates something is wrong.

  • Hot spots

If there is some trouble, most bulldogs often get hot spots in a particular area.

  • Scores

Sores are the most common indication.

  • Dandruff

If seborrhea or dandruff is spotted on the body of the dog, give him a good bath with shampoo but if the problem still persists visit a doctor.

  • Inflammation

Frenchies often face an inflammatory problem. If they are not being able to exercise or walk for long, inflammation.

  • Dull coat

Dull, dry coat of your Frenchie is an indication that he is not being able to have a proper meal. It’s time to check whether he has any food allergy or not.

Detect the problems

Now that the symptoms are known, it’s time to know what causes French bulldog skin issues. Before you go to the vet, it is your sole responsibility to find out what is causing them to be uncomfortable. Remember you are their guardian and there’s no one better than you who can detect the problems and come up with an alternative. Sometimes, doctors are not even required as Frenchie dog owners take the responsibility of finding and protecting their pets from and skin issues.

Causes for skin issues

  • Food allergy

French bulldog is often allergic to certain food items, these needs to be taken care of. Whenever a new food thing is introduced check their behavioral pattern.

  • Parasites

Parasites often attack bulldogs, especially when they are out for a walk.

  • Cuts

Abrasions or cuts occur due to playing in areas with sharp edges or due to friction on the road

  • Yeasts and Fungus

Dry skin which is caused by fungus and yeast is a very common problem in French bulldogs. They need immediate treatment and veterinary attention.