The Complication of Oily Skin and the Solutions


At 18, we naively thought that our combination to oily skin and the small (sometimes large, ok) pimples that went with it would only be a bad memory in adulthood. Years have passed, not skin problems. Hormones, stress, pollution, sun, or food are all factors that prevent us from having a clear and matified complexion. To help adults and adolescents to purify their combination to oily, acne-prone skin, Topicrem has developed the AC range which goes to the essentials: discover it and follow our advice so that this time the nose that shines, enlarged pores, blackheads and acne are a thing of the past.

Why Do We Have Combination To Oily Skin?

The combination to Oily Skin is a direct result of production of sebum unbalanced, particularly at the area which is commonly called “T-zone” (forehead, nose, chin). This imbalance changes the skin texture: the pores dilate, the skin glows and impurities proliferate, providing a breeding ground for blackheads and pimples for our greatest displeasure.

In adolescence, abrupt hormonal changes are the cause of combination to oily skin prone to acne. As we age, the activity of the sebaceous glands calms down and everything is supposed to go back to normal. Unfortunately, today it is estimated that one in three women between the ages of 25 and 40 suffers from combination to oily skin with regular acne.

Hormones are once again incriminated in history but not only. Our modern lifestyles in often polluted environments favor adult acne. So what do we do to treat our combination oily skin whether we are 16 or 36 years old?

Treat Your Combination To Oily Skin With The Ac Topicrem Range

To get rid of your combination to oily skin, the temptation to increase the use of drying products is great. Let us not put a single finger in this vicious circle which consists in testing everything and anything in the hope of finding clean skin; because the more you attack your epidermis, the more you stimulate the activity of the sebaceous glands and the more you increase the risk of having new imperfections.

Let us favor a gentle, simple and complete skincare routine with the Topicrem range suitable for combination to oily sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and formulated without dyes or alcohol; it helps adults and adolescents to purify their skin gently.

My Topicrem Ritual For Combination To Oily Skin

It all starts with AC Topicrem Purifying Cleansing Gel , it’s the first beauty gesture for combination to oily skin moreover, 30 of you can test it by clicking here . Its action is threefold:

  • Gently cleanse with skin-friendly surfactants as well as allantoin known for its softening, soothing and healing properties. A compound of choice for combination to oily skin prone to acne.