The Most Popular Cannabis Strains Across the World 


Cannabis strains are varieties of the plant Cannabis produced in a pure or hybrid form. The main species of cannabis strains are C. sativa, C. indica, and C. ruderalis. Many people use the strains for medical and recreational use, which makes them popular in countries where cannabis products are legal. The strains differ in smell, taste, color, and origin.

 Here are the best Cannabis Strains to try:       

  1. Blue Dream       

As the most common hybrid strain found in California today, Blue Dream has the legendary status among the strains in the USA. It is first developed in 2003 by crossing the sativa Haze with the Blueberry indica. A deep and unforgettable flavor gives full-body relaxation and puts in the state of mild euphoria. West Coast strains have no similarly cultivated strains in this area.       

  1. Durban Poison       

This sativa strain type is best known for its sweet smell and uplifting effect. Durban Poison has origin in the South African city of Durban where the specific soil and cultivation process combine to create the widely popular smell. Durban Poison increases the focus and makes the mind sharper in busy and chaotic times. Creativity and concentration largely improve with this South African gem.       

  1. G13    

 Many stories are coming with G13. When scientists developed new super-hybrids in the University of Mississippi’s laboratory, nobody knew what would happen with the new strains. G13 was one of the strains that were born in this project in the late 1960s. Some legends say that the FBI and CIA wanted to create something powerful and distinctive. If this is true, G13 is not an average strain. It is a strain with an interesting story and powerful effect. G13 is famous as a knockout indica with full taste and strong impact.       

  1. Granddaddy Purple       

Developed in 2003, Granddaddy Purple (or GDP) represents the king strain among indica strains. Its very complex berry-grape aroma has a strong psychoactive effect that hits the entire body. As the strain with one of the most beautiful Cannabis Grow Guide, GDP flowers bloom in deep shades of purple with a snow-like dusting on the top. Purple foliage is the reason for a recognizable name of the strain.       

  1. Skunk      

As a strong-smelling cannabis strain, Skunk is widely popular for many reasons. Skunk influenced cannabis production all over the world, especially when it first bloomed in the 1970s as a hybrid strain. Many further generations of hybrid strains were developed after Skunk, and the selective breeding process influenced many breeders to create new variations of Skunk. Its heavy effect and skunky smell make Skunk one of the most popular getting-high options in the world.