The Right Path for Company Registration and More


If you start for yourself, a lot will come your way. You want to prepare well and not overlook anything. That is why we have listed for you what you should think about. You will also find things that are useful to consider here. Such as preparing for the start of your own business, how you can limit entrepreneurial risks and what you can arrange for your old age. For Registering a company in Holland  you need to follow the rules.

Register your company at the Chamber of Commerce

Every entrepreneur must register with the Chamber of Commerce. You can make an appointment online for this. Before you come by to make the registration official, there are a few things you need to arrange:

Fill in the online registration form as completely as possible. Also think carefully about your company description. The company description indicates which activities you actually do as an entrepreneur. The SBI code is determined on the basis of your company description. This code is used by government agencies, industry associations, pension funds, banks and insurance companies. If you are going to do other activities, please notify us of the changes.

  • Choose the right legal form for your company.
  • Think of a suitable company name and check it.
  • Find out which permits apply to your company.

Do you need financing? Arrange this before registering with the Chamber of Commerce.

Set up your administration

Start in a place that suits your company. Most starters do this from home . Check with your municipality whether this is allowed.

Are you renting commercial space? Then take your rental contract with you to your appointment at the Chamber of Commerce.

Do you have disability, social assistance or unemployment benefits?

First check with your benefits agency whether you can register your own company. Registration without permission can have consequences for your benefit. Now you can Click here to get all the supports.

After registration you will immediately receive your Chamber of Commerce number. With a sole proprietorship or general partnership, we will pass on your details directly to the tax authorities. So you no longer have to check that yourself. Registration costs € 51.30 once.

You must submit a VAT return from the moment you are registered. You do this every quarter. You file your income tax return once a year.


The General Data Regulation (AVG) is the privacy law and applies to all entrepreneurs. Everyone who works with personal data must comply with the GDPR. You must be able to prove what you use data from (potential) customers for and for how long you keep it. You also store personal data in your administration. For example, the processing of customer data for the preparation of an invoice is already covered by the GDPR. Based on these 10 questions, you determine what actions you need to take to comply with the law. This way you become GDPR-proof and prevent a fine.

Handy to arrange

Create a business plan or business canvas. This is not mandatory for the Chamber of Commerce, but it is mandatory for a bank or other financial institution if you need financing.

  • Map your risks and take out the right insurance.
  • Determine your hourly rate.
  • Think about your old age, build up pension.
  • Draw up general terms and conditions, so that it is immediately clear which rights and obligations you and your customers have.
  • If necessary, open a business account, please note, this is not mandatory.
  • Finding and retaining customers, do not forget about marketing and acquisition.