Tips on How You Can Start a Blog in Nigeria


How To Start A Blog In Nigeria: The Dummy Guide

Blog writing has been a passion and money-making mode for numerous people. Many still are confused about the ways to start a blog that aids in enjoying the monetary profit. You can start blog writing to make money even while living in Nigeria.

There are many websites helpful to know the ways to start your own blog business. You can visit the best among them, the website of FinancewithDes. Their guidance has helped innumerable writers to immerse in their creative writing by knowing how to start a blog in Nigeria. Moreover, the bloggers guided by them are earning good money as well.

First understand what blogging-is

How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online in Nigeria

Blogging means writing a post on a weblog just like writing on your journal or in your diary. People use blog writing similar to like doing online journalism. The blogs are in many forms that help to earn money and able to do work at your convenience.

Steps to take to start blog business in Nigeria-

  • Opt for the right name for your blog. It should be easy to pronounce and related to the main topics of your blog. You can think to name the blog only after deciding the center ideas of the articles you would like to write in your blog. Topic choosing can be easy after deciding your niche about which you have vast experience.
  • You need to have a domain name commonly known as URL. It will be your web address, thus need to have a distinct name to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Then have a web host for your blog site. They are the service providers to assist everyone to have access to your blog. Web host plays a crucial role in storing your files, videos, images, and other content to show to your blog visitors.
  • You need to choose a popular blogging platform. It should be convenient, trustable, functional, and have vast users of the platform. Now, link the blogging platform to create and start your blog. The blogging platforms support customizing your blogging webpage that relates to the central theme of blog writing.
  • Now, start writing your first blog and post. It is all your preference to adapt ways to start your new blog. It can be few paragraphs, a welcoming note with few images, or with few interesting verses. Next, you need to concentrate more on your creative writing to promote your blog.

Ways to make money from your blog-

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All you need is raising your blog popularity. Once more regular viewers start visiting your blog, then you can start making money.

  • You can pave the ways to give space for web ads. The ads help to earn money when displayed on your blog webpage.
  • The most profitable mode is affiliate marketing. You can promote the product’s sales by using exclusive tracking links. That helps to get a commission when someone buys the product after clicking the link posted in your blog.
  • When you become a reputed well-known blogger, there are high chances of companies ready to pay you for a blog post advertising their products.

Hence, enjoy making a blog website and earn money while nestling in Nigeria.