What are marked cards, and what are its different uses?

    various marked cards for poker cheating

    If we go back in history the trend of making marked cards for cheating was first done earlier before technology was famous and used in various things like big machines like crane, forklift, this idea was made at the time when the card was newly introduced to the whole world.

    Mostly these are used for marked cards tricks for magic show which is famous nowadays as to cheat in poker nowadays is harder than it was before due to many casino and private clubs using the technology of anti-cheating and checking all the deck of cards to catching any cheater that they found and they are fined very heavily.

    These cards can now be easily found everywhere even these cards are produced and are put up on the internet to sale by various makers and the best website where you can buy these type of cards is markedcardsmall.com where you will get all the cheating and anti-cheating equipment.

    What is the process involved in the making of marked cards?

    Here is the list of different ways to create marked cards:-

    • Block out:-

    In this process the secret marking that is made on the card is hidden by any object that is present on the card let it be a spade, flower petal etc.

    This is also the oldest and the earliest method to hide secret markings that are made on the playing card.

    • Tinting:-

    This is the process in which you do not erase the design to someplace else, but in this, the marking is made in a corner, and then the nearest object is made to erase with a lighter colour on the card so that it seems legit design.

    This method is also used nowadays, but this method is the one in which cheaters are caught very easily due to the technology present now.

    • Cut out:-

    In this process, the corner of the card where design is already present is cut off using a sharp razor blade or can also be cut using the scissor or the knife, but the cutting should be sharp and perfectly edged to avoid any detection of cheating.

    •  Shading:-
    • Luminous marking: These are that marking which can be made on any side of the card using an invisible ink that can be seen only using a special Infra-red glasses or contact lens and can also be seen using a UV contact lens or even UV sunglasses.
    • Video luminous marking: These type of marking are made on the card using a special technology which cannot be seen using a luminous filter nor and is seen only by some special products designed.
    • Juice marking: This is the process in which marking is made by regular ink but can even be seen by those eyes which are trained.
    • Daub: This is a special paste which can be applied on someone’s card, which is impossible to touch or even feel on a card which helps in cheating very much.

    I hope you get the information you were looking for in this article.