What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a way by which you can increase the amount of traffic which comes into your webpage online. There are several factors by which the aim of achieving maximum views on your webpage can be fulfilled. 

There are these major search engines for which doing search engine optimization can be useful:

  1. Google SEO
  2. Yahoo SEO
  3. Bing SEO

SEO Ranking [Minimice Group, which is the term in Thai] works on the basis of availability of keywords and matching them with the search that has been done in the search engine. The most relevant keyword match webpage will be put on top which will then enhance the traffic of that webpage as every user would like to click on the top most link rather than going down and self-checking each and every webpage.

How can you put your website in the top results?

Researches have shown that over 95% of the people just click on the first three results of the search and carry on. If they still do not find what they were looking for then they would just simply search again from scratch with different keywords.

Now to be able to be a part of the first three results you need first to check your page rank and then to improve the rank, you will have to add the necessary keywords. Adding keywords to your site lets Google see your website and having backlinks lets Google trust your website and shows it on the top.

Generating backlinks to your website is a part of off-site search engine optimization. It has links to your websites on different platforms like social media, blog posts, articles, discussion boards and etc.

Search engine optimization is the most effective way to get your page on the top and increase the traffic of your site.