Local vs International Support Services


Hosting and managing your IT-support in-house can be both costly and complex. As a result, many businesses opt to outsource their IT needs to specialists who take care of things such as their cloud, security and any day-to-day issues that arise with tech. 

But is this a good idea? And what are the benefits? 

Lower Running Costs

When weighing up the options between hiring an in-house team and outsourcing, a key factor will be cost. To hire an in-house IT technician, you’ll be paying a full-time salary (around £30k-£40k) along with other fees such as the cost of company benefits, insurance and tax. But, to outsource, the fees will be bundled into a monthly payment covering just the services that you and your business require. 

New Technology

It’s hard not to be aware of the latest commercial developments in technology, especially when it comes to the latest phone or tablet. But keeping up with tech that can benefit you and your business is a lot harder. That’s where your outsourced IT provider can benefit you. They’ll be keeping tabs on the latest updates, advances and trends that could benefit your business’s productivity and profitability. 

Smooth Restructures

At the heart of any business is its network of computers and data that ensure daily smooth running. As a result, it mustn’t be overlooked or forgotten about during business changes such as restructures. Outsourcing will see your IT needs met and covered regardless of what challenges and surprises your business faces. 

Experienced Technicians

One of the key benefits of outsourcing is that you’ll have access to experienced IT managers who have experienced a wide range of technology and software as well as a variety of challenges and disasters. Through working on multiple clients across various platforms, they’ll have all of the tools and knowledge ready to combat and solve any IT problems and difficulties that you run into. 

So, it’s obvious that outsourcing your IT needs to a specialist is a great option with plenty of benefits, but who should you outsource to? With many expert companies available both locally and internationally, it can be hard to choose your provider. 

International IT Specialists

Choosing an international provider can be an attractive choice. They’ll have extensive knowledge of pretty much every aspect of IT, meaning that outsourcing a complex IT requirement will be easier. But, if your provider is based overseas, communication issues could arise. Matching time differences with a potential language barrier could negatively impact discourse between you and the provider. 

Local IT Specialists

Working with a local IT specialist will ensure that all communication is effective and timely. They also have the added benefit of being aware of potential threats within your country and also have a deeper understanding of location-specific needs and software. Local providers will also be able to take the time to get a better understanding of your business and its requirements through in-person meetings. 

Running a business can be a stressful and timely task, so taking care of your IT support needs shouldn’t be. Outsourcing will provide you with the ability to increase productivity, stay ahead of the latest technological developments and access a diverse skill-set capable of handling a variety of IT problems. And, if you’re looking for a local provider, you can find fantastic computer support for businesses in Bristol